RAW Recap 9/22/08 or The 800th Episode Spectacular!

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent ISeptember 22, 2008

The 800th episode of RAW finishes up and it's time to see if there has been any improvement in the show.

We open up the 800th episode with none other than talking.  Twenty minutes worth of talking to be exact.  Jericho comes out and does the typical "I'm going to cut a promo on a ladder because I'm having a ladder match" promo.  While it was good, like all of Jericho's promos, there was nothing special about it.  The visual was nice, but we've seen several times before.

Eventually Randy Orton comes out and continues to run his mouth about being the best champion.  This is really starting to get old.  Orton needs to stay off TV until he is cleared to take a bump, otherwise he's just wasting time.

Orton announces that he can no longer touch anyone on RAW and they can not touch him either.  This announcement came a little too late as he already buried Priceless by slapping them around for a few weeks and making them look weak.  At least creative realized that it's a bad idea to have Orton hit people and no one can hit him back.

This banter between Jericho and Orton didn't make much sense.  They're both heels, so the fans are going to favor one over the other because they don't want to be booing all the time.  So the fans picked Orton, like they always do.  Now Orton keeps coming out and getting a face reaction.  Does the WWE know that they're turning Orton face?  He needs to stay away from heels if he keeps coming out like this.

C.M. Punk comes out and slaps Orton around.  Adamle comes charging down to the ring and tries to suspend him.  Which makes Shane McMahon come down and over turn the decision.  I don't understand why they would announce that anyone who touches Orton would get suspended just to overturn the idea minutes after it happens.  Shouldn't they have waited until later in the night or next week to lift the suspension?  This doesn't make Adamle look good, no matter how Shane spins it.

We get our first match with C.M. Punk versus Cody Rhodes.  Punk was telling his story of frustration so the pacing was a little slow.  Rhodes still seems very self conscience of his abilities.  It seems that he's holding back and not trying anything too complicated. 

Punk gets the win with the Go To Sleep when DiBiase and Manu attack.  Kofi Kingston comes down for the save.  I have no idea where they're planning on taking this story.  C.M. Punk doesn't fit in with these guys at all.  Priceless, Manu, and Kofi are all young talent still trying to prove themselves.  C.M. Punk was World Champion a month a ago.  He's not proving anything anymore.  If creative is trying to use Punk as an anchor to elevate these young stars, they could have picked someone more established.

We get a quick segment with Shane and Adamle backstage were Shane tells him that he can't let people walk all over him.  Kane comes in and Adamle gives him a match against Rey Mysterio at No Mercy.

Kelly Kelly and Beth Phoenix exchange a few words backstage.  Kelly is slowly getting better at her verbal skills.  I'm actually surprised with her improvement since jumping to RAW.

Santino Marella versus Deuce is up next.  Deuce hasn't been seen since the draft back in June and he still hasn't missed a beat.  It wasn't a very good beat to begin with, but he's still there.  He hasn't done anything yet to say that he's someone to watch.  At the same time though, the match was really quick and had Santino get the roll up for the win.  This match really added nothing to the program.

Our next match is Kane versus Evan Bourne.  This came at the top of the hour which really shows how much faith the company has in Evan Bourne right now.  He was the face that they wanted new viewers to see when they changed over.

The match was very back and forth and showed the resilience of Evan Bourne.  The end comes when Kane lands the choke slam on Bourne.  This match really made Bourne look good as he held his own against Kane for so long.

Kane continues his attack after the match and Rey Mysterio comes down for the save.  Kane totally annihilates Mysterio.  Usually, this would be a bad idea because Rey came down for the save and should go over.  But he went over Kane last week and they need to show that the threat level is still there.

An interesting note, Kane said to Rey that he needs to stop hiding behind his mask.  Is the WWE pushing for an unmasked Rey Mysterio?  Hopefully not, as those kids masks are very high sellers for them.

We get Jamie Noble in the back with Adamle begging for a match with Regal.  I thought this worked so well as there wasn't time to show either one of them tonight and this was a good way of reminding the audience about this story.

Dolph Ziggler shows up and introduces himself again.  I'm starting to like him.  This kind of comedy is good as it isn't too stupid and hasn't been dragging out for too long.  Hopefully, for Ziggler's entrance, he'll come down the ring and shake hands with the fans and the ring side crew.

The next match sees Kelly Kelly versus Beth Phoenix.  As much as I didn't like how Beth had to sell for Kelly, she has really improved her in ring performance.  Her offensive maneuvers look good as she's trying more difficult moves.  She's still not the best female wrestler on the roster but she has a lot of potential.

Candice is seen backstage watching a monitor.  The only thing I could think of was how much Kelly improved and how bad Candice remains.  It continues to bother me that someone as talentless as Candice is still employed with the company and getting title shots.  I hope she was watching that match and taking notes on Kelly, just so she knows she should be getting better.

The end was exactly the same as it was the last time these two fought.  Santino gets on the apron and Kelly gets a quick roll up on Beth because of the distraction.  This is the second time that Kelly pinned Beth in a singles non-title match.  For continuities sake, Kelly Kelly should be the number one contender.

Beth attacks Kelly after the match and Santino comes in to attack a helpless Kelly as well.  Batista comes in for the save and lays out Santino.  It's good to see Batista work this story with Santino.  It's giving Santino more exposure and elevating him toward the main event.

The Miz and John Morrison versus Cryme Tyme is up next.  The fans were behind this match one hundred percent.  This shows that the tag team division can be hot and creative needs to push them as much as they can.  The fans want to see it.

The match itself was very entertaining, even with the repetitious tag team story.  The end sees Morrison kicking Shad in the back of the head so The Miz can get the pin.  Miz and Morrison never should have lost their titles.  They were single handedly holding together the tag division and this match was proof.

We get a segment with Jericho talking to Adamle telling him that he needs to keep his investment safe.  It's good to see creative going with the story that Jericho keeps manipulating Adamle.  When Adamle actually stands up to Jericho, it's going to be that much better now.

Charlie Haas has quite possibly the most enjoyable segment of the evening.  Seeing Haas at the local Dave and Busters trying to do everything perfectly like Mr. Perfect was priceless.  It was a great way to advertise the new DVD and continue to showcase this new gimmick that Haas has.  Normally, comedy gimmicks don't go over to well, but Haas seems to be having fun with it and it shows.

The main event sees Chris Jericho, Lance Cade, and JBL versus Shawn Michaels and Batista.  It was about time Cade did something.  They haven't utilized him since he broke up with Murdoch.  He was just wasted talent.

The match didn't really showcase much except that Shawn can still sell.  With as many people in the match that they had, they really weren't given enough time. 

Shawn selling the way he did really started to bother me.  Shawn is the number one contender.  He should have had more fight in him than what he showed today.  He came off as pretty weak and I'm wondering how the fans are suppose to buy him as a threat to Jericho.

This match did bring up another thing that's been bothering me with the fans.  When Shawn goes to the corner and gets ready for Sweet Chin Music, why do the fans count?  This didn't start until a few years ago.  You're not suppose to count with it, you're suppose to stomp along so it sounds like the building is going to collapse.  That's why it's called "tuning up the band".  Shawn doesn't kick when he gets to a certain number.  He kicks when his opponent turns around.  Counting is stupid.  it doesn't make sense.

The end sees Cade hitting a sit down spine buster on Shawn for the win.  This was a great idea to have Cade get the fall but it shouldn't have been on Shawn.  He still needs to be protected going into this match against Jericho.  He's coming off as very weak right now.  Hopefully, next week, he'll come out on top.

Overall, an alright show.  Nothing too spectacular or terrible.  Very forgettable show for the 800th episode.  They really should have pulled out some legends or celebrities to have on camera.  At the very least, show highlights of important moments in RAW's history.  Nothing came across as monumental about tonight.  My rating: C+