Greatest Moments in WAG History

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterFebruary 13, 2011

Greatest Moments in WAG History

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    From the moment that an athlete drew the eye of a hot celebrity female, the world of WAGs was born.

    The ladies that settle down with superstar athletes are out of our league. They prefer men that have immense bank accounts and superb athletic ability. That takes me and my predilection for chicken wings and burritos out of the mix.

    Sometimes these women step out of the shadow of their sports husbands and boyfriends. These are the times we are going to concentrate on here.

    The epic and amazing moments that these gorgeous ladies took the spotlight from their men will be highlighted. Because sometimes, the stories behind the scenes are much more interesting than the x's and o's. 

    At least it was when these events transpired. 

20. Alyssa Milano: Prolific WAG Is Born

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    Dec. 19, 1972. Mark that date on your calendars. It should be underlined, highlighted and circled with a Sharpie. That is the date that Alyssa Milano was born. 

    Without her, many MLB players would have gone dateless. She has been seen with Brad Penny, Carl Pavano, Barry Zito, Russell Martin and Tom Glavine, and those are just the dudes that got a second date. 

    She is one of the most underrated WAGs in existence. Not only is she extremely hot. She knows her baseball.

    She is adamantly in love with the Dodgers and loves nothing more than sitting in Chavez Ravine on a summer day chowing down on a Dodger Dog. That makes me happy. 

19. Minka Kelly: Finally a Woman Hot Enough To Make Jeter Settle Down

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    Derek Jeter has gone from one hot woman to the next. All the while, the female race was left with little resolve that the Yankee captain would settle down. 

    The woman that finally made him say "I do" would have to be near perfect. Enter Minka Kelly. She is gorgeous with a side of hot.

    But she took DJ off the market, making things that much easier for the rest of us. 

18. Rebecca Loos: David Beckham Is Questioned

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    There is a royal couple, they go by the names David and Victoria Beckham. For a brief period in the early 2000's, Loos was a personal assistant to David Beckham. I know, I now hate him more as well. 

    In 2004, rumors surfaced that Loos had had an affair with the English footballer. David has adamantly denied the allegations and the Beckhams are still very much married. 

    But for Loos, the media buzz made her an instant star. I can see why. 

17. Vanessa Perroncel: Soccer Players Are a Greedy Bunch

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    I just don't get it. Soccer players get whatever they want. They get a boatload of money and pick of the finest women in the world.

    I am of course talking about European footballers. Domestic soccer stars can't even get comped at Denny's.

    But sometimes it just is not enough. National team and Chelsea teammates Wayne Bridge and John Terry had a huge falling out when it came to light that Terry had an affair with Bridge's woman. The world wanted to see what kind of woman would drive a man to insanity. 

    We all then admitted, yes, that's about right. 

16. Anna Kournikova: Tennis Player Retires To Concentrate On Being Hot

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    Anna Kournikova was a famous tennis star. The amazing part was that she did not play tennis particularly well. Sometime around 2004, she just stopped trying altogether. 

    That was great news to sports fans as she concentrated on her better talent, which was being hot.

    She has graced the cover of just about every men's magazine, making the world that much brighter and altogether sexier. 

    I don't want to even think about what could have been had she been a great tennis player. It's best not to think about that nightmare scenario. 

15. Elisha Cuthbert: There Is Nothing Sloppy About Her

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    Now see here, Elisha is a nice girl. She made one bad move and that was dating hockey player Sean Avery. Avery proved that he less of a gentleman and more of a sore loser. 

    When Cuthbert and he parted ways, Elisha took up with another player, Dion Phaneuf. The pairing drew the ire of Avery.

    Rather than be the bigger man, Avery stated the following, "I'm just going to say one thing. I'm really happy to be back in Calgary; I love Canada. I just want to comment on how it's become like a common thing in the NHL for guys to fall in love with my sloppy seconds. I don't know what that's about, but enjoy the game tonight."

    The comment still follows Cuthbert wherever she goes. For Avery, he is still very much a classless individual. I would go deeper than that, but there may be children present. 

14. Maria Sharapova: Engaged to Man That Only Slightly Plays In The NBA

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    Maria Sharapova is one hot piece of tennis star. But she came under the vicious glare of men when she announced that she was engaged to Sasha Vujacic. 

    Sasha, as not many people know, plays in the NBA. Actually, that is a bit kind. He bricks shots off the rim for a living.

    Coming from a Lakers fan, I will be the first to tell you that the only thing Sasha is good for is letting the opponents back in the game. 

    Well, that, and pulling a woman way out of his league. 

13. Tawny Kitaen: Super Hot Actress Goes Super Insane

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    Back in the eighties and early nineties, Tawny Kitaen was the "it" girl. In 1997, she married Angels pitcher Chuck Finley. Men around the world exclaimed at how lucky that guy must be. Not really. 

    The couple later divorced when Tawny had a flare-up of crazy. In 2002, she beat Finley with a stiletto heel. Finley may have been more comfortable being hit with a bat. That is how it had been for the entirety of his career. 

    Three days after the beating, Finley filed for divorce. The media had a field day.

    The headlines must have read something like this, Tawny Kitaen Goes Crazy and Beats Guy Who Plays Baseball or Something

12. Biana Kajlich: Landon Donovan Speaks Her Name, a Star Is Born

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    The best thing to happen to Bianca Kajlich's fame was Landon Donovan's game-winning goal against Algeria in the 2010 World Cup.

    At the time, the now divorced couple, was going through a rough patch. The goal brought forth a wave of euphoria throughout the country.

    As millions watched his emotional post-game interview, they hinged on every word he uttered. That is when he referenced Bianca by name.

    Millions of Americans searched for Bianca and found the reason for his adoration. You have to admit, this lady would be tough to get over.  

11. Carmen Electra: Proves Women Will Marry Just About Any Man

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    Allow me to take you back to 1998. Sonny Bono had a run in with a tree, the Lakers were starting to turn the tide and I was going to prom. Only one of those three things were successful.

    That is also the year that Carmen Electra shocked the world by marrying Dennis Rodman. This is a man that had no more room for tattoos, nor piercings. The couple made the most awkward pairing since, well, me and my prom date.

    To no one's surprise, their marriage dissolved a couple of months later.  

10. Brooklyn Decker: Model Marries Andy Roddick, Flags Fly at Half Mast

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    Sometimes the mere marriage of a couple is enough to raise the awareness of sports fans. April 17, 2009 is a date that will live in infamy. 

    That is the date that the lovely, sophisticated, too good for anyone Brooklyn Decker married Andy Roddick. At that moment, men from Los Angeles to the Sudan shed a tear.

    Tennis has a very specific fan base, yet the two getting hitched transcended that world. The waves of sorrow are still being felt today.  

9. Cameron Diaz: WAG Proves Carrying a Team Not The Only Thing A-Rod Can't Do

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    Memo to future star athletes: If you wish to be considered a man's man, keep the nauseating cuteness with your woman indoors. At the very least do not do it at the Super Bowl, the whole world is watching. 

    The moment is fresh in our minds, but it is sure to live on long after Alex Rodriguez retires.

    During Super Bowl XLV, the camera panned to the crowd for some shots of celebrities sitting in the audience. That is when the camera caught Cameron Diaz force-feeding Alex Rodriguez some popcorn. 

    The threat of millions of fans regurgitating their Super Bowl food from the sight was imminent. Rodriguez has recently voiced disgust with the cameraman. No word on whether any of us care. 

8. Sara Carbonero: Iker Casillas Gets Distracted, World Follows Shortly After

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    Spain may have won the 2010 World Cup, but their road to victory was a rocky one. Spanish goalie Iker Casillas had a horrible game against Switzerland. The English media hypothesized that his girlfriend, Sara Carbonero, distracted him. 

    She was near the goal the whole game doing her due diligence as a soccer sideline reporter. As American fans heard about the distraction theory, they clamored to find out what all the brouhaha was about. 

    That is when we all took the side of Iker Casillas. We too, would have been distracted. I don't even know the lady and she is all I can think about now. 

7. Gisele Bundchen: Model Wrecks Home But In a Good Way

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    Tom Brady has a pretty sweet life. He has a fine career as one of the best quarterbacks in the biz and he happens to be married to the hottest woman in the world. But there was a time when we all questioned his decisions. 

    Back in 2006, Brady dumped Bridget Moynahan for another woman. At that point, we all questioned how he could dump the gorgeous actress.

    We then found out that the other woman was super model, Gisele Bundchen. That is the moment when the world collectively agreed, "that's about right." It turns out Gisele is the correct answer to just about any question. 

6. Kim Kardashian: Sex Tape Leaked, World Stops For a Few Months

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    Back in 2007, Kim Kardashian dated R&B star Ray J. The couple parted and Kim began seeing running back Reggie Bush later that year.

    Around the time the two started getting comfortable with one another, a sex tape that she made with Ray J was leaked. 

    I have to say, I have not seen this video. My revelation has nothing to do with the fact that my girlfriend is an avid reader of mine. It has everything to do with gorgeous women performing naked on video not doing it for me. I swear. 

    The tape catapulted Kim into superstar status. The entire world gave Reggie Bush a solid thumbs up for what he had just acquired. 

5. Jessica Simpson: Tony Romo Draws Fire For Having Distractingly Hot Woman

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    Jessica Simpson used to be extremely hot. But before she found that KFC was delicious, she was dating Dallas Cowboys quarterback, Tony Romo. 

    The couple began dating in November 2007, just in time for the playoffs. In January 2008, Romo threw a pivotal interception to end the Cowboys hopes of going to the Super Bowl. The very un-clutch moment was attributed to the distraction in the suites that was Jessica Simpson. 

    Cowboys fans began calling her "Yoko Romo." Perhaps they might have been better served with a more adept quarterback. Just a thought. 

    Now Romo is set to marry Candice Crawford, and Simpson no doubt has a bucket of tasty in front of her. 

4. Masha Lopatova: Andrei Kirilenko Gets 'Get Out Of Jail' Free Card

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    Every married man stays faithful for one reason, cheating would be morally reprehensible. Okay, let's be real. Men don't cheat for fear of being murdered in their sleep...or worse (Lorena Bobbitt reference).

    Masha Lopatova gave her husband Andrei Kirilenko the sweetest deal that any man has ever been given. She would allow him to sleep with one other woman per year. I am sure AK-47 mumbled under his breath, "just one?"

    This was groundbreaking because Andrei could actually pull some hot chicks. He is a renowned NBA player. There has to be a line of hotties waiting for him each game, granted that line may have decreased in recent seasons. 

    But that promise wouldn't have affected any normal man. Sure I could be granted the same deal, but I would be hard-pressed to find a woman that finds a pair of moobs sexy. 

3. Anna Benson: Pitcher's Wife Promises Sexy Retribution

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    In 2004, Kris Benson was traded from the Pittsburgh Pirates to the New York Mets. That is not news in itself. The Mets are always taking on pitchers with tenuous arms. The firestorm came later in the year when his wife appeared on Howard Stern. 

    That is when Anna Benson declared she would sleep with the entire Mets organization if Kris ever cheated on her. That begged the question of, even Omar Minaya?

    That is the first time that the entire race of men wanted to be a New York Met. Before then the proposition would have been greeted with a shrug and the statement of, "sure, why not?" 

2. Eva Longoria: Tony Parker Makes The Worst Turnover Of His Life

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    The NBA used to have the happiest couple in sports. That is until Tony Parker sent one too many text messages to a woman that wasn't his wife. 

    In 2010, news broke that Tony Parker had engaged in a set of lurid messages with the wife of former teammate Brent Barry.

    The texting to Erin Barry was discovered by Eva Longoria and the rest is divorce history. 

    Men around the world were then forced to stare for hours at sexy photos of Eva in the hopes of finding what was wrong with her. I'll keep looking and let you know if I find anything. 

1. Elin Nordegren: Tiger Woods Becomes Very, Very Human Before Our Eyes

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    Tiger Woods was in a car crash. That was all we had heard at first. Little did we know that the story would become much more sordid, weird and sad than that. 

    Tiger Woods used to be one of the most beloved athletes in the world. He also used to be pretty good with the golf clubs.

    That is, until we found that he had been cheating on his super model wife with what was the equivalent of the population of North Dakota, high teens at least. 

    Woman after woman came forward with a tale of Tiger sordidness. For a moment I thought every woman in the world had slept with him. It turns out it was just the skanky ones.