Brooklyn Decker, Carrie Underwood and Thursday's Swagger Buzz

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterFebruary 10, 2011

Brooklyn Decker, Carrie Underwood and Thursday's Swagger Buzz

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    Brooklyn Decker, Carrie Underwood and Thursday's Swagger Buzz is here to entice, enthrall, engage, enhance and just a tad bit annoy you on this fine Thursday in February.

    The Super Bowl is behind us, but that does not mean there is not some lurid football news to cover.

    It seems Mark Sanchez may have strayed a bit too far to the underage side of things. Reports are rampant that he hooked up with a 17-year-old girl, Eliza Kruger. Details and my ever unpopular opinion lurk inside the confines of the Buzz.

    We also have Brooklyn Decker to talk about. You will find that is just as interesting as taking a look at one of her fine photos. Andy Roddick's wife is in a new movie which means I have some tickets to purchase. 

    You may also like to know that Mike Fisher, the husband of Carrie Underwood, has a new place to call home. Read on to see how this affects the young couple. 

    So without further adieu, let's jump right into the mix. You don't want to blink. You may miss something good.

Mike Fisher: NHL Center Welcomes Trade To Be Near Wife Carrie Underwood

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    Carrie Underwood Will Be Ecstatic to Know Her Husband Has Been Traded to Nashville 

    It is tough to maintain a marriage when one party is constantly on the road. Now couple that with the fact that husband and wife have demanding schedules and you can write the rest. But one couple was dealt a blessing Thursday. 

    Carrie Underwood's husband, Mike Fisher, will be moving a whole lot closer to the country singer/song writer. 

    Fisher was the starting center for the Ottawa Senators. He was traded early Thursday to the Nashville Predators for a 2011 Entry Draft and a conditional pick in the 2012 Draft. The couple must be absolutely ecstatic today. 

    Fisher has mentioned moving to Nashville before. But he never thought it would be mandated this soon.

    He told the Ottawa Sun last summer, "When I'm done hockey, she'll still be working. I'm sure she can always work. We'll settle in Nashville. I love it there. I've got lots of friends there now, I love the area. I like a lot of things about it. There's a nice church that we love, that we go to ... that being said, it's a little ways away. I want to obviously play a few years, a bunch of years here yet."

    It seems the sports gods have given a gift to Fisher and Underwood. It is not often that you are traded to the exact place your heart desires.

    For Ottawa, it looks like they will be in rebuilding mode for the time being. The hockey world has been hit hard financially. For smaller market teams, the name of the game is getting younger and cheaper. 

Brooklyn Decker: Andy Roddick's Wife Is On Fire and That Is a Very Good Thing

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    Brooklyn Decker Appears in 'Just Go With It' Making It a Must See Movie

    I generally relegate Adam Sandler movies to the pile that I place on my queue when they come to Netflix. But I may have to re-think that strategy with his latest opus. 'Just Go With It' is his newest endeavour and it has a whole bunch of hot inside. 

    I am not talking about Jennifer Aniston who has become the most popular woman to date and then subsequently dump.

    No, I am talking about my favorite WAG, Brooklyn Decker. The model appears in the film and has taken to the red carpet recently. 

    But can the super hot model act? Who cares? It isn't like most Hollywood actors are necessarily world-beaters in the acting department. Tell me how Ashton Kutcher keeps getting gigs. 

    Decker plays the young girlfriend of Adam Sandler's character in the upcoming romantic comedy. I am able to buy into her dating Sandler because I happen to be an avid fan of Science Fiction as well. 

    It is my hope that Brooklyn can at the very least deliver her lines without stuttering or falling flat on her face. If she succeeds, we will be seeing a whole lot more of her.

Eliza Kruger: The Young Girl, the Story, the Opinion

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    Eliza Kruger Is the Young Lady That Allegedly Dated Jets Star Mark Sanchez

    Many of you walked into work today and were hit by the news that Mark Sanchez got friendly with a high school female. The story that is now on everyone's mind Wednesday morning is a polarizing issue.

    Should I care? Is it wrong? Both of these will be answered in due time.

    First we see the picture. A.J. Daulerio of Deadspin broke the news that New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez had dated a 17-year old high schooler named Eliza Kruger. Eliza is the well-to-do daughter of Connecticut hedge-funder Konrad “Chip” Kruger.

    The two met at a club in New York. Eliza disclosed her age and Mark stated that he could not see her until she was 18. Eliza retorted with, "17 is legal in New York." Mark's eyes must have lit up like the flood lights that fill the New Meadowlands.

    They then went on a casual date that ended with a visit to his North Jersey bachelor pad. Don't worry, New York considers 17 legal. In New Jersey, it is 16.

    That is where Eliza claims the two hooked up. Then the story takes a negative turn. As soon as the news broke, everyone with an opinion, myself included, swarmed the Internet to publish a take.

    So should you care? No. Not so much as you care about Alex Rodriguez dating Cameron Diaz. The state of New York says that Mark Sanchez can date anyone 17 years of age and older.

    Who am I to disagree?

    Is it wrong? Sort of. I don't mean it is wrong legally. I just think Mark Sanchez has an image to uphold. He doesn't need a tabloid-inducing relationship. He can have pretty much any girl he wants.

    He is an attractive man that happens to be the quarterback on a very successful team. It is all wrong for his nice guy image.

    But is it morally and legally reprehensible? No.

    Sanchito just should thank his lucky stars he did not get drafted by the 49ers or Chargers. If that were the case this story would have taken a very different turn.

Johnny McEntee: Where Did This Trick-Shot Guru Come From?

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    Johnny McEntee Has a Sick Video of Quarterback Trick Shots, Watch it Here

    There are few things that excite me. My ability to peruse the world through this little terminal called a computer has jaded me to pretty much anything that is labeled amazing or spectacular.

    But this one had me giggling with joy.

    Johnny McEntee is a Connecticut Husky quarterback. He red-shirted in 2008 and saw limited action in 2009.

    There is no doubt that McEntee will contend for the starting job during spring practice. My beliefs stem from the new trick-shot video McEntee and friends have released. The video shows Johnny using his arm and a football to perform some amazing feats.

    He places the ball with superb accuracy and precision. The only thought you are left with at the end is, where has this guy been? Well, he has been dusting up the backup role at a small program.

    It just goes to show you that the QB position is much more than the ability to throw the ball where you want it.

    As I watch this, I wonder why we don't take the Pro Bowl out back and end its misery. In its place would be a trick-shot challenge. Imagine Drew Brees trying to knock a cup off of Terrell Owens' head. The entire country would be rooting for a miss.

Mark Sanchez: Mum Should Not Be the Word In Tryst With Eliza Kruger

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    Mark Sanchez Should Start Talking Before His Image Is Badly Tarnished

    You never want to talk when the subject is about you and something that you may have done wrong. The human instinct is to run from the matter at hand and hide in a palatial bachelor pad.

    But Mark Sanchez better start sounding off soon, because this Eliza Kruger business is going to get ugly shortly.

    If you have no idea what I am referring to, allow me to fill you in. broke a story that Mark Sanchez met a young lady at a club recently. That chance meeting resulted in a date and a night back at his place on a stormy night.

    If that sounds like the start of a cheesy romantic comedy, it very well could be. Only Woody Allen could star in this thing.

    You see, Eliza Kruger, the object of his affection, is only 17.

    There comes the fallout. Mark Sanchez, a bright-eyed quarterback wunderkind, is dating dangerously close to a felony. Before you take out your pitchforks and go after the poor soul, you should know that the age of consent in New York is exactly 17.

    So no harm no foul right?


    That is not what the majority of the country will think. You now have pundits and fans appalled that he could not find a girl closer to his age. Some may think that he is too powerful a star and too influential to date a naive girl.

    Right or wrong, this is what will be written and talked about for the foreseeable future.

    So, far Eliza is doing all the talking. Mark Sanchez is mum on the whole thing. He needs to stop the silent treatment immediately. Normally, I would say that this is none of anyone's business. But the looming firestorm necessitates action.

    The easiest thing he could do is to come out and state that he did date Eliza Kruger. He needs to yell from the mountaintops that he did nothing wrong in the state of New York and that Eliza Kruger is a young adult that made an informed decision.

    It would at least show some responsibility.

    So please Mark, start talking. America needs to know.

John Daly: The Man, The Legend, The Genius, The New Golf Bag

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    John Daly is My Hero and I Want His Brand New Golf Bag

    It is hard to find a likable sports star these days. Long gone are the days when you rooted for the guy that you could see yourself sharing a beer with.

    The athletes nowadays are jaded cynics with too much in the bank account. They don't enjoy the games that have brought them fame.

    Then there is John Daly.

    He is a lovable golf pro that flaunts his troubles in the open for all to see. He is a hedonist that stopped drinking out of necessity.

    But the Daly party never stops, it just develops new and exciting angles to explore.

    Daly has amazed golf lovers with his brand new bag. The golfer tweeted this pic of the bag early Wednesday morning. Your eyes do not deceive you. That would be a flat screen television strapped to the bag.

    If you have ever thought that the beautiful game of golf could use a little more SportsCenter or Caddyshack, Daly has the bag for you.

    John Daly proves once again that he can jazz up just about anything. I never thought a golf bag could be so...awesome. But I stand corrected.

    Daly is not done customizing the bag. He tweeted, "No beer taps bc I quit drinking--so I'm tryin to get a Diet Coke to dispense instead & hydraulics to shoot my clubs out! LOL."

    Regardless of beer or Diet Coke, if you can somehow get a hot tub on that thing I am sold.

Christina Aguilera: Singer Thought She Nailed It Super Bowl Rehersal, Oops

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    Christina Aguilera Is Caught Ending National Anthem Rehearsal Early 

    The hits keep coming for Christina Aguilera.

    Too bad it's not a hit movie, or hit record.

    The hits are to her image as a polished singer that takes pride in her craft. While we still hold the lady singer in high regard, a new video has surfaced that shows the diva in a very dim light.

    The video is taken at the Super Bowl rehearsal. That is the time when a singer will go over the National Anthem and make sure all the lines and notes are perfect. Aguilera is so confident that she has the song down that she ends the practice session early.

    The only thing missing is her uttering to staff, "I got this yo. There is no way I mess this thing up."

    As we all now know, the singer flubbed her lines during the main event at Super Bowl XLV. Though she may have ended the song early, she managed to hit the lines in rehearsal that she fouled up during the live rendition.

    So we can rip her apart for getting it wrong, but in the end we must remember she is human. Many will scoff at the new video as a reason for her mistake. But it is just an example of an untimely gaff that could happen to anyone.

    Albert Pujols has been known to whiff at a few balls. Tony Romo has choked in some pretty big games. Hell, even Terry Bradshaw fails to put together words to form a cogent sentence, and that is his job. So give the girl a break.

    She is only a multi-million dollar singer, after all.

Alex Rodriguez: Yankees Starlet None Too Pleased About Popcorn-Gate

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    Alex Rodriguez is Angered Over Shots of Him and Cameron Diaz at Super Bowl XLV

    I am sure Alex is thrilled that we put the camera on him at that moment. - Joe Buck

    No Joe, Alex is not the slightest bit amused at the video of him being force fed popcorn as if he lost all use of his limbs.

    A source told the Chicago-Sun Times that, "He really went ballistic — thinking the cameraman was out to get them in a paparazzi-like shot. … That’s so crazy."

    But that is A-Rod being A-Rod.

    Rodriguez has always been the baseball diva. There is the slugger, Albert Pujols. We have Mr. Clutch, Derek Jeter. Please don't forget the lovable psycho-nut played by the ever entertaining Milton Bradley.

    The cast is rounded out by the demanding debutante, Alex Rodriguez.

    Alex has always been vilified. I never knew why until now. He is not one of us. Derek Jeter commands the same caliber of women and money as Alex, yet we like him. We respect him. He is a man's man.

    Jeter can eat his own damn popcorn, thank you very much.

    The issue I have is not that Alex was being nauseatingly cute with his girlfriend, the once very hot Cameron Diaz. It is that he took exception to a cameraman that was just doing his job.

    The camera was just on John Madden texting for Christ's sake. That is as interesting as watching a fat man text. They were bound to snap a photo of you engaging in what is equivalent to sitting on the same side of the booth at a restaurant.

    So, if you have beef, you should have stayed home. You are a public figure A-Rod. Don't whine about it. Maybe if you kept your diva demands to yourself we may actually like you by the time you retire.

Clay Matthews: Green Bay Packers Linebacker Features on WWE Smackdown

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    Clay Matthews Exemplifies Packers Fever With Appearance at WWE Smackdown

    The Green Bay Packers are the toast of the nation this week. The team that Lombardi built just finished off the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XLV.

    Everyone from Aaron Rodgers to BJ Raji is getting some love. Clay Matthews found out firsthand how well-liked this team is.

    The Packers lineman recently attended WWE Smackdown at the Resch Center in Ashwaubenon, Wisconsin.

    The crowd was introduced to the defensive star on the huge video-monitor in the center of the arena. The initial image shown was Brett Favre's number four jersey. That image received a chorus of boos, but was replaced by a chorus of cheers when the image of Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews was shown holding the Lombardi trophy.

    Matthews did not sit idle all night. Rumor has it that he was brought on stage to referee a match. He was then escorted back to his seat alongside teammates Graham Harrell, Tom Crabtree and Scott Wells.

    The reaction that these Packers have received is remarkable. It is rare to see such a popular team. It may be a testament to the underdog status they had to start the post season.

    Whatever the case, the green and gold are looking more like The Beatles these days.

Rocky Seto: Facebook and Twitter Campaign Gets New Job Rescinded

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    Rocky Seto Lost a Job Opportunity Thanks to Social Media Buzz From UCLA Students

    Rocky Seto was the new defensive coordinator of UCLA and then quickly, he wasn't.

    In another example of how much the world has changed since the advent of social media on the Internet, Seto lost his job because of Facebook and Twitter.

    Seto was the defensive coordinator for USC during Pete Carroll's tenure. It is widely believed that Seto was a coordinator in name only and that Pete ruled the roost on that side of the ball.

    He was then hired in a similar capacity by Pete Carroll for duties with the Seattle Seahawks. That is the gist of the story.

    The interesting part is the fiasco that happened when UCLA came calling.

    The USC Daily Trojan published an article that stated Seto would be the next DC at UCLA. They even included a text sent by Seto himself. It stated, "accepted the position tonight to coordinate at UCLA. Praise the Lord!"

    That is when all hell broke loose.

    UCLA Bruins faithful were angered that their head coach Rick Neuheisel would hire an alleged puppet coach. That is when the "Veto Seto" campaign started in earnest throughout Facebook and Twitter.

    The campaign was launched by not just fans, but very powerful donors and alumni. It is safe to say that with so many ways to get the word out, the power is in the people's hands. But make a note that it is only useful if the head coach is a lame duck anyway.

    Rick Neuheisel is not about to rock the boat in his current state at the school. He is on very thin ice as it is.

Cockfighting: Yet Another Way for Stupid People to Off Themselves

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    A Tulare, California Man Was Killed During a Cockfight Raid

    Allow me to state the obvious from the outset.

    Cockfighting is deplorable. It pits two animals head-to-head in a fight-to-the-death scenario all for the benefit of a bunch of drunks. It seems that on one day, the rooster finally fought back.

    The Visalia-Times Delta reported that Jose Luis Ochoa, aged 35, received a severe leg injury that took his life during a raid on a cockfighting operation by police.

    Ochoa went to grab his rooster when he was cut. Those must have been some mighty sharp talons, you must be saying. Not exactly. It seems that the cockfight was not hardcore enough for this lot. Ochoa had strapped a knife to the flightless bird's leg.

    When trying to improve a deplorable sport by adding weaponry to animals becomes your "thing," it may be time to check yourself into rehab.

    I am not saying that the man's death is a godsend in anyway. But we now have one less man that secures knives to roosters and forces them to brutally murder each other. I am not some PETA left-wing nut that puts the lives of animals above humans.

    I am more scared of where this man would have taken his lust for violence. Once you start arming animals, it is but a hop, skip and a jump away from something much more sinister.

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