Phillies: 2008 season to double the rings?

Alex MillerContributor ISeptember 22, 2008

For a team whose years in existence are surpassed by few, the Phillies' ring count is dwarfed by many other teams. With several chances at extending this count, The Phillies haveonly completed it once. 1980 is the only year imprinted on a Phillies ring. This year however is looking like a possible way to double the count. It is still too early to say this for certain, or even as a majorly believed statement, but it is something we should look at. The Phillies have had the best month of September out of any team for the majority of years. A team whose strongest point is at the end of the regular reason never seemed to be able to continue this strivesto post season. If the bull pen can stay on fire, the offensive keep doing what they've done in September, and the unexpected plays of defense continue, we should be able to at least attempt to see a "2" in the ring count by this November. A taste of October is all they got last year; they want the whole cake in 2008. Any Phillies agree that with the team we havenow, we can begin to relate back to 1980 and see many of the same aspects, the same plays, the same management, and the same strive. I for one would like to extend luck, cheers, and humble honor to the "Phans", Players and coaches in hope that we all as a single group can double our history and make 1 into 2.