Gail Kim's Departure and Others Possibly Leaving

Stephan JohnsonContributor ISeptember 22, 2008


A source inside TNA told me the following regarding Gail Kim's TNA departure, "Gail felt insulted by what TNA offered her. It was less money than what Kip James is paid and under six figures which is a shame."

Gail could arguably be called the top baby face in TNA. She outdrew every male on the roster in the ratings and that includes the highest paid members of the roster including Sting and Kurt Angle.

I was told that Gail wanted to stay in TNA very much but she just couldn't stay because of what she was offered. She loved her time there and was good friends with most of the roster. No one ever had one bad thing to say about her in the three years she was there.

The rest of the Knockouts roster is very disappointed in the loss of Gail and are upset that they may be low balled on their contracts as well. Some people in the company may have not realized just how valuable Gail was to TNA and WWE should feel very good that they were able to sign her away.

It will be interesting to see where the Knockouts division goes from here but to me she was the queen of that division and with out her I personally don't have much hope that it will stay on the same level as it has been in the last year or so.

Christian Cage's contract is up soon as well as reported by Dave Meltzer in the 9/1 Wrestling Observer. I was told that Cage is not happy with the way he is being booked right now and the overall direction of the company. If he does leave I get the impression that no one would be shocked.

WWE is interested in him but I was told that they still don't see him as a top level star.

The contracts of Team 3D, Awesome Kong, Kevin Nash, and Homicide are up as well. Below is a small update on each of those.

Awesome Kong: I am told that she most likely won't be leaving. She turned down WWE once before and really has no interest in living their hard lifestyle. She loves TNA and gets along with everyone there. Unless WWE offers her a crazy amount of money she is expected to re-sign.

Team 3D: They are expected to re-sign as well. WWE doesn't have much interest in them and they like TNA's light schedule.

Homicide: I have heard different reports on him from different sources. Some have said he may leave while others say he is happy and should re-sign. WWE has no interest in him so it all depends on if he wants to work full time for ROH again or not.

Kevin Nash: There has been some minor talk of possibly having Nash come back into WWE with HBK in a non-wrestling role but it doesn't look to likely at this point. TNA has offered him a new deal I am told but he has yet to sign it. Most expect he will but it's not for sure at this point.

On Sting I am told that he has most likely agreed to a new deal. TNA said they wouldn't put him back on TV until he either signed or agreed to a new deal and he is back on this week so one would assume that he is staying around.