WWE News on Scramble Matches and Cyber Sunday

Stephan JohnsonContributor ISeptember 22, 2008

The Championship Scramble matches which will take place at Unforgiven were only decided on just days before Summerslam. I was told that the original plan for the Raw side of things was a Fatal 4 Way between Punk, Batista, JBL and Kane but when TNA announced a 4 way for No Surrender they decided to come up with this new idea. On Raw Monday Mike Adamle said that there would be multiple title changes in the match. Now the rules state that those changes will not count in the overall history of the titles. This was changed Monday night after Raw. Originally they would have sort of similar to the Hardcore title Open at Wrestlemania 2000 but WWE thought better of that.

I was told that Jericho / Michaels will most likely main event Unforgiven and not one of the Scramble matches. Their feud has been Vince's favorite thing on WWE TV right now and the entire angle has been written by HBK and Jericho with very little input from WWE writers. That should show Vince something but I doubt it will.

Steve Austin as of now is scheduled to take part in the Cyber Sunday PPV as a special referee. Nothing beyond that is known at this time.

As most of you may have noticed Big Show has been lost in the shuffle for months now. Beyond his planned fued with Umaga once he returns I am told that creative has no idea what to do with Show. The idea of him turning heel and feuding with Triple H has been tossed around but nothing has been decided on just yet.