Energy From The Gods (and a Can)

Shayan Shakeri Correspondent ISeptember 22, 2008

There is always one thing that keeps fellow shredders like you and me rocketing down the mountains at mach 2.5, hitting every man made, and natural kicker, jib, or gap we see. It's the track-list on our MP3 player's (and 5 cans of PURELY concentrated caffeine mixed with random chemicals [A.K.A. Red Bull, Rockstar, Monster Energy Drink etc.]). Personally, the music that gives me the most raw, untapped energy is Heavy Metal (old and new) and Techno. Yes, we all know they don't go together well. 

I'm going to start off with a list of a few songs from both Heavy Metal and Techno/electronic/house.Then I'm going to explain why.



1. Psychosocial- Slipknot

2. The Bleeding- 5 Finger Death Punch

3. This is the New Shit- Marilyn Manson

4. Shame On A Ni**a- System Of A Down ft. Wu Tang Clan

5. All Hope Is Gone- Slipknot

7. A Boy Brushed Red...Living in Black and White- Underoath

8. My Heroine- Silverstein

9. Strutter -Kiss

10. Paranoid- Black Sabbath

Ok, I'm sure everybody has heard of Slipknot at one time or another. They are a band of nine who started making music in Des Monies Iowa. Their music was strongly influenced by Pop rock, rap, death metal/heavy metal, and certain aspects of techno. These guys are just amazing at what they do, and their music shows how amazingly awesome they are. 5 Finger Death Punch is a lesser known band, but when you're listening to them going straight down an Alaskan mountain, they totally rule. Marilyn Manson, the by far craziest person in the world right? Right, but yet wrong, his music makes sense and he's a down to earth guy. Skipping to System of a Down. If you have ever listened to SOAD doing anything, you know what I'm talking about, no need for explications. Now onto TECHNO!


1. In The Dark- Tiesto ft. Christan Burns

2. Vifta Med Händerna (Basshunter Remix)- Patrik Och Lillen

3. White Lies- Paul Van Dyk ft. Jessica Sutta

4. Going Wrong- Armin Van Buuren & Dj Shah feat. Chris Jones

5. Oceanlab- Armin Van Buuren

6. Summer Jam (Gigi D'agostino Remix)- DJ-Tiesto

7. Anima Libera- Emi

8. Ravers Fantasy- Tune Up!

9. Moonlight Shadow (Eurodance Rave) - DJ-Mystik

10. No Heaven- DJ-Champion

There is only one thing I know. These people are artists and they know how to get you going off something you would never (I mean NEVER) go off of in your right mind, or maybe that's just me.

Now that we have gone through the Metal and Techno track-list, let's finish it off with the others; and at the end I have a surprise you guys will all love!


Other Genres:

1. Rock You Like a Hurricane- Scorpions

2. Jukebox Hero- Foreigner

3. Crazy On You- Heart

4. Black Betty- Ram Jam

5. Another Brick In The Wall- Pink Floyd

6. England 5 Germany 1- The Business

7. 99 Red Balloons- GoldFinger

8. Somebody Told Me- The Killers

9. No, Not Now- Hot Hot Heat

10. Pain- Jimmy Eat World


I would like anyone and everyone who does a winter sport to write an article about they're 10 all time favorite songs on they're MP3, and post it under Winter Sports. I would like you to relate it to winter sports and I want you to tell a CRAZY story about the event, and how the songs helped it happen. Music is like steroids... except legal.


Come On Dudes & Dudets let's get typing!

I would like to see articles soon!!!

So come out of the closets, I would like to see what you guys can do and how!



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