Steve Austin Vs. Vince McMahon II?

Stephan JohnsonContributor ISeptember 22, 2008

Almost a decade ago, a wrestling war was started. In the middle of WCW's "Highest Ratings Ever" period, Stone Cold Steve Austin emerged as a dominant superstar, winning the WWF World Heavyweight Title. Vincent Kennedy McMahon played the part of the unsatisfied boss.

Taking notice of the rising talent's accomplishments, McMahon tried to bring him down by forming an alliance called "The Corporation," which aimed to take out all of the more liked segments on aired television. Stone Cold was the biggest name they targeted.

The Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Vincent Kennedy McMahon era then began. It was one of the longest running feuds in WWF history and is still looked back on today. The most memorable moment was Stone Cold Steve Austin driving down in a beer truck and ruining the Rock and McMahon Family's moment in the center ring after the Rock joined the Corporation.

WWE is looking for a big surprise at the 800th episode of Raw, and it seems like that surprise could be the on air return of Vincent Kennedy McMahon. Vince hasn't been on TV for about three months, and with Raw's ratings dropping, they hope to bring up some spice to their show by getting Vince back on TV.

Austin will most likely return at the No Mercy PPV. He will do so to hype up his appearance at Cyber Sunday. Creative team would love to pair up Vince McMahon and Austin once again during this period, which once again could be an indication that Vince will return to your television screens soon.

If what I am told by insiders is right, then the McMahon vs. Austin feud may re-ignite to reproduce ratings that were lost when all of Raw's top superstars got injured.