Timothy Bradley Used His Head in Fight Against Devon Alexander

Troy SparksColumnistFebruary 10, 2011

NOTTINGHAM, ENGLAND - MAY 10:  Timothy Bradley celebrates his win against Junior Witter for the WBC Light Welterweight fight on May 10, 2008 at Nottingham Ice Arena in Nottingham, England. (Photo by John Gichigi/Getty Images)
John Gichigi/Getty Images

Forgive me for coming down from the hangover of the Super Bowl win by my Green Bay Packers, because I followed them in their playoff run and forgot about boxing.

So, I watched the Timothy Bradley and Devon Alexander fight and was disappointed.  Throughout the fight, there were no serious power punches thrown by either fighter.

I guess Alexander couldn't get his groove on in the fight, because he was slapped with the rock head of Bradley five or six times.

Bradley was the aggressor in the fight and didn't have anything to lose.  Alexander, as the boxer, tried to pick his spots whenever he could.

When Kevin Cunningham, Alexander's trainer, complained about the head butts by Bradley, he was ignored.  The referee said they were accidental.

How can Bradley's head butts be accidental when he did it to other fighters in the past?  Doesn't that tell you something?  I think Bradley uses his head as a weapon.

In the 10th round, neither fighter threw a punch when their heads collided.  Alexander got the worst of the blow.  He complained to the ring doctor that his left eye was burning.  Before that, Alexander's right eye was cut.  Maybe the burning sensation came from something that Bradley had on his forehead.

It was a shame that the fight had to end that way, as evidenced by the boos from the crowd.  Bradley won Alexander's belt and kept his own.  I don't see a rematch happening and neither does Bradley.

If Bradley was a gamer, he would fight Alexander again, but he wants Amir Khan or maybe Miguel Cotto.  He can forget about Manny Pacquiao.  The HBO commentators think that Pacquiao won't fight at 140 pounds again.

Cunningham should have prepared Alexander for the head butts from Bradley in their training sessions.  They watched enough tape on Bradley's past fights and saw the head butts, which would have given them an idea on what to expect in the ring.

For now, Bradley is the king of the mountain in his weight class.  Any future opponents of his should know that he always uses his head if his hands don't work.