Saints' Coach Sean Payton Is The NFL's Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

russ autinCorrespondent ISeptember 22, 2008

  If your real observant, and watched Sunday's Bronco, Saints game ,you may have seen an actual physical metamorphosis occur .Standing on the Saints sideline was your typical victim, which these things all ways happens to in the movies . Mild-mannered, intelligent professor of the game, appears completely normal in every way, but when put in certain situations (namely third  down and short yardage), Mr. Hyde burst on the scene.

     there's no other explanation, in Sundays game,through the right kind of eyes, you actually could see hair sprout from his knuckles, as he shouted "me pound ball" (it helps if you say it kinda like a caveman) in almost every short yardage situations. Coach its third and one- "me pound ball". Coach there's 11 men in the box- "me pound ball". Coach we've done it six times and failed- "me pound ball".

    Dr. Jekyll has a great quarterback in Drew Brees, fine tight ends, above average receivers, and is not afraid to use them ,Dr. Jekyll has a huge playbook, plays out the yin-yang . This was evident when Dr. Jekyll was in the house. He coached his team back from a 21 to 3 deficit , against an explosive Denver team, as fine a coaching job I've seen in all my years as a Saints fan.

    Mr. Hyde has "me pound ball", but leaves he best short yardage back on the sidelines. I can't help but feel that there was a Dr.Jekyll somewhere deep in side screaming "play action bootleg", on that forth and goal play.

    Now some will say  Martin's foot cost the Saints this game. Others will say Bush's fumble was the cause, and injuries to numerous to list could also be pointed out but, with all of these reasons ,I still think with a little more Dr. Jekyll and a little less Mr.Hyde, the game could have turned out different.

   I don't really want to insight the locals to brandish pitchforks and torches but,the situation bears watching .