Chargers Stop Whining: Blaming the Ref is so Elementary football

vandell mccary, jr.Contributor ISeptember 22, 2008

I'm tired of the San Diego Chargers fan whining about the referee missing a call, blame it on the NFL for not being able to review and change the call to a fumble better yet blame your defense for not being able to stop the Broncos Offense at all during the game after all if they weren't scoring at will, then your team wouldn't be in that predicament, blame Shawne Merriman for being such a bone head for not getting off-season surgery so he would be ready to play. Of all the reasons you pick a missed fumble call he is human, we all make mistakes, the Chargers are 0-2 rebound from this game and rather than the Chargers man up and come to the ref aid, after he gets all this hate mail, I'm a proud Packer fan, if that happened to my team I would be upset to. But I understand you play to win the game and hopefully take the referee out of the equation like the Patriots were doing to nearly every team last year. You play the jets on Monday night take that anger and frustration and blow the Jets out. Lastly Chargers if you blow them out the ref can't interfere with the outcome and remember that work both ways.