Sports Worst Fanbases

Ben CurrieCorrespondent ISeptember 22, 2008

After getting in a long drawn out fight with a good friend and a former roommate, who unfortunately roots for a team I will announced last in this article, I decided to rank the top ten worst fan bases in all of sports. Criteria for these rankings is for individual sports teams. So you may see some cities several times. This is not based on revenues or any of that garbage. My goal of this article isn't to congratulate some franchises on making more revenue its purely about attitude.

10. Pittsburgh Pirates:

A MLB record (tied) for 16 straight losing seasons, the current Pirates are in a mess. Obviously the management isn't the shrewdest and their isn't much talent in the system at all, but you guys are partially at fault here. They've been raising ticket prices all along and you guys still go to see this team push 100 loses every year. Eh, why? Alright, I like a good baseball game no matter what I hear that, but some level of protest is necessary at this point. Boo the crap out of this team, Pittsburgh is a good sports city, why are you putting up with this?

9. Oakland Raiders:

These fans simply scare me. Maybe its just the color scheme or the Mascot, but I would hate to play for these fans.

8. Florida Marlins:

You guys never show up. This team already had two titles within its first 10 years of existence. This coming in today's big market baseball system is very impressive. These teams have all been exciting too. Look at the talent that's already passed through these systems in a mere 15 years of existence. There shouldn't be a more positive fan base in all of sports but you guys just don't show up at all!

7. New England Patriots:

I didn't quite agree with this but all the research I've done on the Internet lead me back to this team. Apparently there are simply a ton of bandwagons out there that call themselves Pats lifers. Tell me with a straight face you've never met a Pats bandwagon

6. Atlanta Braves:

This team won the NL East 14 consecutive times, yet every October during that span Atlanta had something better to do. The team had Maddux, Glavine and Smoltz, all making excellent cases for hall-of-fame, in the same staff virtually that entire span... Are you kidding me, I'd be getting out and seeing these guys every chance I could get. Come on Atlanta, get your priorities straight.

5.* Montreal Expos:

The team no longer exists yes. But this was just a bad idea from the start. The team quickly became baseball's professional farm team. While the team did initially do well for the city of Montreal, the team just didn't play enough hockey to keep them satisfied. Greats like Pedro Martinez, Larry Walker, Vladimer Guerrero, Randy Johnson and many more all were brought up through the Expos' terrific farm system. But the team couldn't pay the big bills of baseball and these players along with many more would see their prime years elsewhere. A big reason I put them here is because how successful the team became in their brief stint in Puerto Rico. Proving this team was lovable, just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

4. Dallas Cowboys:

I just plain don't like Texas at all. Its a very arrogant state and "America's Team" is one of those dynasties you love to hate. Not only are the Texas fans bad, even worse are the random band-waggon types that come from all over the United States and have no affiliation with the team. When you think of Cowboys you might think of Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikman, or Tony Romo. But to me it will always be Leon Lett, Nate Newton, Michael Irving, and Terrell Owens. (shudder).

3.English Soccer:

Do you're own research here. Soccer riots cause death. Put down the bottle and enjoy the game like a stable person. I mean, there's a lot of fans I hate but they aren't murderers...

2. Boston Red Sox:

I felt bad for the Red Sox, and did root for them against the Yankees for many years including 2004. But an what a difference 4 years makes. Red Sox Nation (formerly known as the United States of America) is awful. This is the team that spins the negative vibes. Boston itself is bad enough, now I'm all Irish and I love the place, but if you show up at Fenway in Yankee Blue you are liable to be paralyzed quite quickly. And there are so many fights at Yankee games. Originally this team sought to be the Anti-Yankee fan, claiming that fan base was cocky and based solely off big market. Well how quickly you have stooped to that level.

1. New York Yankees:

You were born special. If you were born into a Yankee family you are suddenly better than all other sports fans aren't you. Oh and that's not an opinion, we have the history and stats to prove it. This fan base is easily the most hated in sports. I'll never understand the typical Yankee fan. I opt just not to talk about them. They refuse to here criticism and to step out of the spotlight. Remember guys you are just one team in thirty, or of hundreds for that matter (all sports included). So check your head. The Evil Empire, ehhh.