The Future of Oklahoma Sooners Football-2008

Cameron HagerCorrespondent ISeptember 22, 2008

Well I am a big Oklahoma fan. Now you on the other side of this screen might be saying to yourself "An Oklahoma fan in Boston, it can't be!?" Well it is I have been a Sooners fan for a long time.

After the past few weeks I have been very impressed by the Sooners. I can't make a too bold a prediction early in the season or risk jinxing my team. I will at least say that they should make a major bowl game.

Will the win the Big 12? They are a huge contender as always and should win their conference but I want to see a conference game first though.

Will they earn their bid for the BCS Championship? Once again can't make a big prediction here. I like Oklahoma and they are a big contender for the National Championship but for now I just want to wait and see on that.

Their big strength this year will be their defense. Their defense is supposed to be one of or the best defense in the whole entire nation. So will the make it to the National Championship on that? As I recall the defense are the one's to stop the touchdowns. So as long as their defense holds to expectations you will see them in the National Championship or big bowl game.

The only thing the Sooners need to make adjustments is on offense. Their offense is good but I still miss Peterson. If Coach Bob Stoops can make improvements there and have both the defense and offense do great, you will see them in the National Championship.

In conclusion, the Sooners are going to be a HUGE threat to all teams and will be a contender for the National Championship.

The Fanatic is done here but I will be back with more articles.