Polls, Polls, Polls: Go Figure

Roy LaFaverCorrespondent ISeptember 22, 2008

Can somebody tell me how LSU can scare the devil out of me and still move up in the polls?  Their young safeties are not quite ready for prime time just yet, and Jarrett Lee threw the worst interception in the history of football.

Perhaps the pollsters believe safeties aren't important, but LSU sent two to the pros this spring, and replacing them is a tall order.  Yes, Virginia, safeties are that important.

On the bright side, those young guys replacing the Sunday players are going to get better—a lot better—and they will have to if LSU wants to beat the likes of Florida, Alabama, and Georgia two out of three (which is what they have to do).

ESPN says the quarterback situation is set at LSU.  I thought it was set with Andrew Hatch, and I'm still not so sure he isn't the guy.  But Lee does have an arm, and it was attached to his brain for most of the second half.  So we will see.

But if LSU was impressive enough to overhaul Missouri, why was Auburn drop-kicked back to the 15 spot?  The conversation has to be, "They were beaten by our new number five pick with 1:03 left in the game.  So how can we drop them?"

Of course, I guess we all knew one of those two teams had to drop in the polls, but wasn't it a great game?  Could you ask for more as a football fan?  We all know that Georgia or Alabama will drop this week as well.

I hate to watch this tumbling act every year when the conference begins to eat its own, but it is inevitable.

So take heart, Mizzou!  The SEC will take care of itself for you, and Oklahoma is still just a distant smoke from a passing ship on the horizon.