Bracketology: NCAA Tournament Projections On Feb. 10

Adrian FedkiwAnalyst IIIFebruary 9, 2011

Bracketology: NCAA Tournament Projections On Feb. 10

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    Now that the NFL season has concluded, this is when the college basketball season starts to heat up.  We're nine games into the conference season and once again we're seeing a very weak bubble field.

    Aaron Rodgers was the face of the NFL this season.

    BYU's Jimmer Fredette has been the face of the college basketball scene.

    I do like the way the 68-team bracket is structured.  It has created more parity by the addition of two more at-large teams.

    There's going to be four "play-in" games.  Two games will feature the last four teams in the field, while the other two games feature 16th seeded teams.

    The two game play-ins from the 16th seeds actually strengthens the field.  It makes the first round games featuring top four seeds more competitive.  For example a team like Belmont would've been a 12th seed last year; I like to think of them as this year's Cornell.  In this year's bracket, they're a 13th seed.

    Another thing I must mention, I projected conference tournament winners.  Butler and Gonzaga have struggled this year.  Ultimately I believe Butler finds a way to win the Horizon.  Gonzaga has it a bit tougher; they've already lost to Saint Mary's at the Kennel.  Again, I think the Zags find a way into the field.

    Let's take a look at what I believe the bracket would look like today.



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East (Newark)

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    1. Ohio State

    16. Hampton/Texas Southern

    8. West Virginia

    9. Georgia

    4. North Carolina

    13. Coastal Carolina

    5. Louisville

    12. George Mason

    6. Tennessee

    11. UCLA

    3. BYU

    14. Charleston

    7. Xavier

    10. Wichita State

    2. Villanova

    15. Vermont

West (Anaheim)

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    1.  Kansas

    16. Long Beach State

    8. Vanderbilt

    9. Cincinnati

    4. Purdue

    13. UTEP

    5. Arizona

    12. St. John’s / Old Dominion

    6. Minnesota

    11. Marquette

    3. Kentucky

    14. Fairfield

    7. Florida State

    10. Kansas State

    2. Connectivut

    15. Bucknell

Southwest (San Antonio)

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    1. Texas

    16. Long Island/ Northwestern State

    8. UNLV

    9. Richmond

    4. Syracuse

    13. Princeton

    5. Wisconsin

    12. Virginia Tech/ Washington State

    3. San Diego State

    14. Kent State

    6. Texas A+M

    11. Butler

    7. Temple

    10. Missouri State

    2. Notre Dame

    15. Murray State

Southeast (New Orleans)

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    1. Pittsburgh

    16. Northern Colorado

    8. Baylor

    9. Utah State

    4. Florida

    13. Belmont

    5. Illinois

    12. Boston College

    3. Georgetown

    14. Oakland

    6. Missouri

    11. Gonzaga

    7. Washington

    10. Saint Mary’s

    2. Duke

    15. Florida Atlantic

First 12 Out

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    1. Alabama

    2. Oklahoma State

    3. Michigan State

    4. Penn State


    5. Colorado

    6. New Mexico

    7. Memphis

    8. Duquesne


    9. Clemson

    10. VCU

    11. Hofstra

    12. UAB