The Only Team That Can Beat The Dallas Cowboys

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The Only Team That Can Beat The Dallas Cowboys

With a convincing victory over The Green Bay Packers on Sunday night, The Dallas Cowboys moved to 3-0 on the season and have passed every test presented to them with flying silver and blue colors.

I’m here to tell you that there is only one team that can beat the Cowboys this season.

No, not the defending Super Bowl Champion New York Giants, whom Tony Romo shredded last regular season to the tone of 592 yards and eight touchdowns in two meetings.

No not the Philadelphia Eagles who hung with the Cowboys through what Romo called an “old country western shootout,” but eventually fell behind and couldn’t catch up.

Not even the Denver Broncos who seem to rule the roost in the AFC so far this season.

The only team that can beat the Cowboys is the Dallas Cowboys.

I’m not saying the Cowboys are going to finish 16-0, then streak through the playoffs and do what the Patriots couldn’t finish last year. I don’t expect that. The season is far too long and the competition far too tough to expect perfection.

What I’m contending is the Cowboys are their own worst enemy. We’re all thrilled with their 3-0 start and I can’t pick a team off the schedule that, on paper, I believe can beat this team as currently constructed. But they can beat themselves and they’ve shown signs of it in the first few weeks.

It’s Romo throwing a red zone interception.

Romo makes, by my count, 1-2 potentially devastating mistakes per game. So far he’s showed the moxie to lead the team through his own caused adversity but that could flip in the blink of an eye or drop of a snap.

It’s would be tacklers not finishing what they started.

Is there anything more irritating to watch as a fan than a team that doesn’t tackle well?
Time after time against the Packers, and previously against the Eagles, the team would have a player, be it the quarterback, running back or a receiver, stopped for lost or short yardage. But a failure to wrap up tackles, instead attempting to bounce off or flail at the player, would result in a big gain or a key conversion.

I’ll grant you this. Donovan McNabb and Aaron Rodgers are both slippery quarterbacks. But that’s the way half the league is these days. Jason Campbell next week will be no different. And Eli Manning proved how slimy he is on the Tyree play in the Super Bowl. Dallas defenders need to capitalize on more of these opportunities or eventually they’re going to get burned badly.

I need to see hard-nosed monster tackling on every play before I believe this team has that killer instinct needed to survive in January. They let teams hang around for too long. And what about the secondary? No interceptions through three? Here’s hoping they’re saving their picks for when we need them most.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled with the way the team has performed this season. It doesn’t get any better than 3-0 through three, but there’s still a lot of work to be done. This team has the talent to do great things. The only thing standing in their way is a mirror.

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