TNA Making All The Wrong Moves

Brandon FusonContributor ISeptember 22, 2008

As it is known, TNA Wrestling signed former WWE Champion Mick Foley to a short-term deal last week. Many questioned this move, more so for Foley's sake, not so much TNA. The interesting part of this is the results and "iMPACT!" it made on the company.

Last week's edition iMPACT! featured the return of Jeff Jarrett to TV, a beauty pageant, a Sting promo, and of course the debut of Mrs. Foley's baby boy.

An interesting note is that more people stayed tune to the final round of the beauty pageant than they did the Jarrett return segment. This included the Matt Morgan and Abyss Vs. Kurt angle and Booker T match, the aforementioned Sting promo along with the debut of Mick Foley, which LOST 193,000. The Samoa Joe segment where he wrestled Lance Rock, Jimmy Rave and Tomko DREW 193,000 viewers with a 1.23 rating.

Does this just go to show that the fans don't want to see WWE's guys in TNA? That Double J screaming at Kurt Angle and introducing a stunt man to the crowd isn't appealing? I'd say it does. TNA needs to continue the push on guys like Joe, Tomko, and AJ Styles. The fans don't want a repeat of WWE or WCW angles, they want Total Nonstop Action Wrestling angles, and that's not what they're getting.