Dumb Quote Of The Day

JerseySenior Analyst ISeptember 22, 2008

Courtesy of ESPN's Buster Olney:

"Chuck Knoblauch was in the Mitchell report, and he was honored by video tribute. Jason Giambi's name was in the Mitchell report, and he started at first base and was cheered. Andy Pettitte was named in the Mitchell report; the Yankees arranged their rotation so he could start this game, and he was roundly cheered. And almost certainly, there were other players in the building who took steroids or amphetamines at one time or another, and they were cheered. Nobody should be naïve to what took place in the Steroid Era, and so it is nothing less than hypocrisy that [Roger] Clemens was not even mentioned during the ceremony. "

Hypocrisy? Really?

Roger Clemens didn't just take steroids. Clemens turned the accusation into a public affair, making himself look like a fool, and damaging the life of his trainer, Brian McNamee. (Not that McNamee is innocent, but he was damaged more than other trainers, thanks to a grand court case on behalf of Roger Clemens.) He has since been involved in other scandals, including an alleged affair with a minor.

Pettitte came out and apologized. Giambi kinda tried to do the same before the report came out, but he flubbed it. Either way, they and Knoblauch did not make themselves into national caricatures by denying the obvious. They did not throw their trainers under the bus. They didn't find themselves in other legal troubles. That's why they were mentioned in the ceremony, Mr. Olney. So, where, pray tell, is this hypocrisy you speak of?

(That said, why on Earth did the fans cheer that useless sack of turd at first base? I guess they were being nice. Who ever said Yankee fans were obnoxious?)