Shiny New Quarters: NFL Teams That Should Get New QB's This Offseason

Justis Mosqueda@justisfootballFeatured ColumnistFebruary 9, 2011

Shiny New Quarters: NFL Teams That Should Get New QB's This Offseason

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    There are several teams that are going to be looking for their QB's of the future this off season. I have made a list of nine teams that are in a big need of QB. What is interesting to me is that eight of the nine are in a “rebuilding” era, the only team who isn't is the Minnesota Vikings who are aging rapidly. Without any further adieu these are the eight teams that I think will hunt for a fresh QB.

Miami Dolphins

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    Dolphins: Chad Henne/Tom Brandstater 
    With two QB's on the roster for 2011 so far I don't think the Dolphins can ignore the QB need anymore. Pennington and Thigpen are scheduled to be FA's and I doubt that GM Jeff Ireland will keep either. Thigpen isn't much of a back up and Pennington seems to just be aging and becoming a shell of what he used to be. The only way I see Pennington coming back is if they get a new QB soon and he comes in to mentor him for a couple years. Brian Daboll the OC was the Jets QB coach while Chad was in New York so it could be a tough decision for the team. The projected starter right now is Chad Henne who threw 19 interceptions in 13 games last year and was sacked 30 times and fumbled five times and it's not like turn overs is a new thing with him. He has 9 fumbles and 33 interceptions in his NFL career with only 27 passing TDs. He is not the QB you want to have your future centered around. Tom Brandstater has bounced around to three teams in his two NFL years and has never thrown an NFL pass. 

Washington Redskins

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    Redskins: Donovan McNabb/John Beck 
    Not even Shanny knows what he will do with his QB situation yet. At the beginning of the year McNabb had the fans and the starting job until he wasn't “in condition” for a two minute drill and “Sexy” Rex Grossman had to come in and took over the team. Grossman is a free agent and McNabb has a foot out the door. I doubt that they would keep McNabb on the bench and it doesn't seem like he or the Redskins want him in Washington. That only leaves one QB on the roster and that would be John Beck who got benched in Miami for Cleo Lemon, then went with his former HC Cam Cameron to Baltimore before he was cut. Beck doesn't have much upside from what has been shown from his 4 years in the league. 

Carolina Panthers

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    Panthers: Jimmy Clausen/Tony Pike 
    Carolina has one of the worst situations at the QB position that I have seen in a while. They have 3 QB's that are going to be FA's (Keith Null, Brian St. Pierre, Matt Moore) and they won't keep any besides maybe Moore. Moore is a ok QB but you don't want a rebuilding franchise around this QB and you really don't want to make him your long term solution with a 16-17 touchdown-interception ratio. Clausen was arguably the #2 QB in the 2010 NFL Draft when he came out of Notre Dame but we found out why he slipped to the mid 2nd round. He can't play football. He has a 3-9 touchdown-interception ratio right now and I know most people just ignore QB rating (I don't really like it either) but he has a 58.4 rating. I mean wow you can't be that good of a QB with that being so low and that was with Steve Smith and the killer RB's (Stewart, Goodson and Williams) that Carolina had. Tony Pike looks like he could be a pro bowl QB if you just watch him work out and throw balls in practice but once he gets on the field he has a weird look in his eye. He threw 12 passes for 47 yards his rookie year. Not saying he won't be the starting QB down the road but if he couldn't get in over Moore, Clausen and St. Pierre then it doesn't look good for him. 

Buffalo Bills

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    Bills: Ryan Fitzpatrick/Levi Brown 
    This is probably the best situation on this list. Buffalo doesn't need a new QB but I don't think they want Fitz as the long term solution. They have one FA and it's former 2nd round pick Brian Brohm who has started two games in his two years in Buffalo. That being said you guys might think, “former 2nd round pick and he started a couple games? Maybe they keep him?” Just flat no. He couldn't make the roster in Green Bay and he has only played in Buffalo when he was forced into the lineup and in those 2 games he has 0 TDs and 5 interceptions. Ryan Fitzpatrick doesn't need to be replaced just yet but Buffalo may want to look into a guy that can be developed in the future considering that the only other QB on the roster will be Levi Brown who has thrown 3 NFL passes. 

San Francisco 49ers

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    49ers: David Carr 
    With the Niners getting a new HC who was a former NFL QB I doubt they don't clean house at QB. They flipped back and forth between the Smith Bros. all season and pretty much destroyed the confidence of a former #1 overall pick and a Heisman winner. That leaves only David Carr (another #1 pick) on the roster and Harbaugh won't deal with that. They will make a move and I don't think that he will play a dumb game where he waits another year to pick Andrew Luck. That doesn't happen in the NFL. 

Tennessee Titans

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    Titans: Vince Young/Rusty Smith/Brett Ratliff 
    Bud Adams loves Vince Young but after all the stuff that has happened the Titans have said they need to look elsewhere. Kerry Collins is a FA, so is Chris Simms. Collins might be brought back just to start while they develop another QB. The guys left on the roster are Young (who is all but gone), Rusty Smith who has a 25.0 QB rating and a 0-4 ratio when he has played and Brett Ratliff who has been the #3 QB for 6 teams in 4 years including 4 in the last year. They need to get a future at the QB position before the whole franchise goes to the bottom of the league. 

Seattle Seahawks

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    Seahawks: Charlie Whitehurst/Nate Davis 
    This situation is not as bad as it seems. Matt Hasselbeck could come back to Seattle but everyone knows he has one or two years left in him at most. Whitehurst hasn't looked that bad while he has been in Seattle but he has 2 touch down passes in 5 year in the league which doesn't give Seahawk fans much hope. Nate Davis has never thrown a NFL pass and anyone who has seen J. P. Losman throw an NFL pass wish he didn't. They are very much in the same position as the Buffalo Bills. 

Minnesota Vikings

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    Vikings: Joe Webb/Rhett Bomar 
    Brett Favre retired after a terrible year. Tarvaris Jackson was Chilly's guy and with him gone I doubt they bring him back. Patrick Ramsey could get brought back if it really comes to that but I think the Vikings know to go after a new QB. Joe Webb didn't look too bad when he played last year but he still has 0 TDs and 3 interceptions and is a bigger run threat than a pass threat. The only other QB on the roster besides Webb (who was almost a WR instead a QB) is Rhett Bomar who hasn't thrown a pass in a game that meant something since he played at Sam Houston State and even that is debatable.

Arizona Cardinals

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    Cardinals: John Skelton/Derek Anderson/Max Hall/Richard Bartel 
    There are no QBs scheduled to leave Arizona but I bet that fans wish that wasn't true. Skelton did alright as a starter but he looks like he will play the role as a career back up not a franchise QB. Derek Anderson is a text book reason on why you don't give a guy a big contract after one good year and I think they might even cut him depending on the cap. No I'm serious. Why you laughing? Max Hall was forced to the starting role after being a undrafted free agent and had a 35.7 rating, 1-6 ratio and 50% completion percentage in those games. The last QB is Richard Bartel who was a backup to Dante Culpepper in the UFL for the Sacramento team. This team might have the worst situation I have seen ever. Everyone who should have a shot at starting for this team has and they haven't showed they could even come in to manage a game. 

Top 5 QB's of the Future for 2011 Offseason

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    1 Kevin Kolb Philadelphia Eagles 
    If you want to win right now then Kolb is the guy you are targeting. He has already thrown 12 NFL TD's and if it wasn't for Comeback Player of the Year Michael Vick then he would still be a starter for the Philadelphia Eagles. The one thing about acquiring Kolb is that he would cost a high pick according to the Eagles but if a desperate team like Arizona wants him they know the price. It only takes one team to give it up for him to move. 

    2 Matt Flynn Green Bay Packers 
    He came in place for Aaron Rodgers when he was hurt and if he wore a 12 jersey you would have never noticed. He threw for 251 yards and 3 touchdown passes on the so called “best team” in the NFL. The stats don't tell the whole story though so here is every pass he has thrown. He will be a FA next year so I think that Ted Thompson wouldn't hesitate to ship him out for a 2nd or 3rd round pick.

    3 Blaine Gabbert Missouri Tigers  
    Everyone is drooling over his big arm but there is more to him than meets the eye. He shouldn't be a 1st round pick for every team that needs a QB but he is a smart guy who sucks knowledge like a sponge and should be a perfect fit for a west coast offense.

    4 Cameron Newton Auburn Tigers 
    He has crazy upside and can become something a NFL QB has never been before. A guy that is the size of a lineman that can run like a half back and has an arm like Vick. There are some red flags about him though. He has a lot of drama in his past that can't be overlooked and he only has one year of NCAA tape on him to look at his accuracy and decision making. For him it all really depends on the combine and private workouts to where he will go but he could be a starter day 1 for some teams. 

    5 Jake Locker Washington Huskies  
    Another case of a guy who just stayed in college a year too long. He would have been the #1 pick last year but after a year of inconsistency and injury he looks like he could drop out of the first round all together. If he slips to a team that could take him in and show him how to be a NFL QB for a year before throwing him into the fire then he could become a quality starter.