NBA Tickets: 10 Teams With Tickets For $2 or Less

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NBA Tickets: 10 Teams With Tickets For $2 or Less

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    Buyer Beware: Buying on the Secondary Market can be a MUCH cheaper alternativeRobert Cianflone/Getty Images

    You might be paying too much for NBA Tickets. 

    Next time you are about to buy directly from the NBA team, take a look on the secondary market for a better deal. 

    Currently, there are 874 NBA Tickets available on Stubhub for less than $2.

    How does this happen?

    Almost every NBA team cuts deals with ticket brokers. In exchange for giving brokers access to premium games (games against the Heat, Lakers and Celtics), they force them to also buy non-marquee games (Nets, Cavs, Wolves, etc).

    Since those games rarely sell out, brokers are forced to list their inventory for a fraction of the face value cost. 

    You should be taking advantage! 

Cleveland Cavaliers

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    Lebron James DESTROYED the Cleveland Cavaliers.

    Cleveland Cavs: 13 Home Games Priced at $2 Or Less

    Before LeBron James took his talents to South Beach, Cavaliers home games were some of the hottest tickets in professional basketball. 

    The same cannot be said for the post James era.

    According to Stubhub, the Cavs have 269 Tickets with tickets priced under $2. You can snag  $2 and under seats to 13 remaining games on Cleveland's schedule.

    The most surprising $2 ticket comes on March 2nd when the 43-8 Spurs come to town for a rematch of the 2007 NBA Finals.  

    On Stubhub, the following games have tickets available for $2 or less:

    Clippers@Cavs on 2/1.

    Wizards@Cavs on 2/13.

    Rockets@Cavs on 2/13.

    76ers@Cavs on 2/27.

    Spurs@Cavs on 3/2.

    Hornets@Cavs on 3/6.

    Warriors@Cavs on 3/8.

    Magic@Cavs on 3/2.

    Nets@Cavs on 3/23.

    Pistons@Cavs on 3/25.

    Hawks@Cavs on 3/27.

    Bobcats@Cavs on 4/5.

    Wizards@Cavs on 4/13. 

New Jersey Nets

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    You can sit in the first row for less than $1.

    New Jersey Nets: Seven Home Games At $2 Or Less

    The New Jersey Nets missed out on every superstar free agent in the Summer of 2010. As a result, the team has struggled and so have their ticket prices.

    The Nets have seven games on Stubhub with prices of $2 or less.  

    As of right now on Stubhub, the following Nets home games have tickets available for $2 or less:

    Spurs@Nets on 2/14.

    Suns@Nets on 2/28.

    Warriors@Nets on 3/9.

    Rockets@Nets on 3/29.

    Timberwolves@Nets on 4/5.

    Bobcats@Nets on 4/11.  

Detroit Pistons

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    Even the Super Team from Miami cannot attract demand for the Detroit Pistons.

    Detroit Pistons: Eight Home Games For $2 Or Less

    The Detroit Pistons, who once sold-out their arena on a consistent basis, have countless tickets on the secondary market for $2 or less.

    Amazingly, there are $2 tickets available for their much anticipated Friday night match-up with the Miami Heat. 

    The following Piston home games available on Stubhub for $2 or less:


    Blazers@Pistons on 2/13.

    Hawks@Pistons on 2/14.

    Pacers@Pistons on 2/16.

    Rockets@Pistons on 2/22.

    Wizards@Pistons on 3/6.

    Raptors@Wizards on 3/16.

    Nets@Pistons on 4/6. 

Atlanta Hawks

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    The Braves aren't the only team that Atlanta doesn't care about.

    Atlanta Hawks: Seven Home Games For $2 and Less

    No surprise here. In the 2010 Playoffs, you could pickup Atlanta Hawks playoff tickets for less than $10. Terrible.

    The Hawks have 71 tickets for $2 or Less. That being said, they have hundreds of seats for $3 or Less. 

    Hawks home games available on Stubhub for $2 or less:

    Bulls@Hawks on 3/2.

    Blazers@Hawks on 3/12.

    Bucks@Hawks on 3/15.

    Nuggets@Hawks on 3/16.

    Pistons@Hawks pm 3/20.

    Bulls@Hawks on 3/22.

    Nets@Hawks on 3/26. 

Charlotte Bobcats

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    The Bobcats need to add a superstar to excite the fans.

    Charlotte Bobcats: Three Home Games and 146 Tickets For $2 Or Less

    Not even Michael Jordan can create a buzz big enough to attract fans to the Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte.

    The Bobcats have 146 tickets listed at $2 or Less on Stubhub and another 341 tickets below $3.

    Bobcat home games available on Stubhub for $2 or less:

    Nets@Bobcats on 2/11.

    Kings@Bobcats on 2/25.

    Wizards@Bobcats on 4/3.

Washington Wizards

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    Wizards fans miss the days of MJ

    Washington Wizards: Three Home Games For $2 or Less

    The Washington Wizards won the 2010 Draft Lottery and selected John Wall.

    That draft pick, coupled with trade of Gilbert Arenas, has give the Wizards a future they can be proud of. 

    Unfortunately, fans aren't flocking to the Verizon Center the way they did when Michael Jordan spent his last two seasons in the nations capital.

    Wizards home games available on Stubhub for $2 or less:

    Pacers@Wizards on 2/22.

    Bucks @Wizards on 3/8.

    Pistons@Wizards on 4/5.

    Wizards home games available on Stubhub for $3 or Less:

    Bulls@Wizards on 2/28.

    Pacers@Wizards on 2/22.

    Warriors@Wizards on 3/2.

    Bucks @Wizards on 3/8.

    Pistons@Wizards on 4/5.

Oklahoma City Thunder

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    Durant and Westbrook are a good show at a great price.

    This one was very surprising. The Oklahoma City Thunder have one game at $2 and another Three Games at $3 or Less. Bargain prices to witness Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and the upstart Thunder. 

    The following Thunder home game is available for $2 or less:

    Kings@Thunder on 2/15.

    The following Thunder home games are available for $3 or Less:

    Kings@Thunder on 2/15.

    Pacers@Thunder on 3/2.

    Warriors@Thunder on 3/29.

    Bucks@Thunder on 4/13.

Houston Rockets, San Antonio Spurs And Dallas Mavericks

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    Texas sized savings

    Everything is bigger in Texas.....except ticket prices on the secondary market. There is more supply than demand for the three NBA franchises in Texas.  

    Houston Rockets

    The following Rockets home games have tickets available on Stubhub for $2 or less:

    Bobcats@Rockets on 3/16.

    Warriors@Rockets on 3/23.

    San Antonio Spurs

    The following Spurs home games have tickets available on Stubhub for $2 or less:

    Grizzlies@Spurs on 2/27.

    Pistons@Spurs on 3/9.

    Warriors@Spurs on 3/21.

    Blazers@Spurs on 3/28.

    Kings@Spurs on 4/6.

    Dallas Mavericks

    The following Mavericks home games have tickets available on Stubhub for $2 or less:

    Jazz@Mavericks on 2/23.

    Wolves@Mavericks on 3/24.