Ura Pendejo's WWE NXT Recall February 8, 2011: Who Was Eliminated?

Ura PendejoContributor IFebruary 9, 2011


This week’s NXT opened with another moronic challenge featuring the four remaining NXT Rookies, Brodus Clay, Johnny Curtis, Derrick Bateman and Byron Saxton. The challenge was like the old American Gladiator competition, where two guys stand on two opposing platforms and try to knock each other off with a giant Q-Tip or in this case a tackling bag with handles. The first to fall is the loser.

The winner was to receive two immunity points, which happens to be one of the good things added to NXT this season. The immunity points make the challenges have some meaning. In the past seasons of NXT the challenges were pretty much nonsensical, but now they have purpose. Immunity also gives WWE a chance to combat the fans voting. They can now have the rookie they want to win receive immunity so they can’t be voted off by the fans.

The first two men to face off in the challenge were Johnny Curtis and Derrick Bateman. Curtis was knocked off balance, falling into Bateman and both competitors fell. Curtis was ruled to have come off the platform first, so he was out of the challenge. Bateman then waited to face the winner of Clay versus Saxton.

Byron Saxton went over and jumped on the platform and waited for Brodus Clay. Brodus then walked over slowly looking at the contraption in disgust. Clay seemed to be lost for what to do. With Clay’s massive size there was no way he could even compete in this challenge. This is a reoccurring thing this season. Clay has had problems with a lot of challenges. It seems like they were set up for him to fail. That goes back to what I said about the immunity points.

Brodus finally had enough and dropped the bag and went over and pushed Saxton off the platform. Clay was DQ’d for his actions. Afterward host Matt Striker talked to Brodus Clay. Clay said he wasn’t going to be embarrassed by anyone and he was 6’8” and 367 pounds and there was no way he could compete in the challenge, but he would prove himself in the ring later on in the night.

Byron Saxton then went on to face Derrick Bateman to see who would get the immunity points. They battle for a while, then much like Bateman’s first time both competitors were knocked off at the same time. The ref ruled that Byron had stayed on longer so he was the winner. They showed a replay and it was so close that Striker said to be fair they would need to do it again. Saxton went on to knock Bateman off and was the clear winner this time. Saxton earned the two immunity points.

Johnny Curtis was at the time leading the immunity points standings with three. Saxton and Clay both had two.

In the next segment they had a match between Derrick Bateman and Byron Saxton. Both had their respective pros in their corners, Daniel Bryan in Bateman’s and Dolph Ziggler in Saxton’s. At the beginning of the match they showed a clip from last week, where Bateman said Dolph’s real name was Turd Furguson, but he changed it. The crowd chanted “Turd” over and over throughout the show.

Saxton and Bateman had a decent match, with Bateman getting the win by using his pro’s finishing move the Lebell Lock.

The next thing we saw was all the rookies in the ring with Striker. Striker announces that there will be another challenge for one immunity point. This challenge would be to name the price of some WWE merchandise. Shame on you WWE, what a cheap way to promote worthless junk you want to sell. During this challenge we saw the returns of season three NXT Rookies AJ and Naomi. To make a long story short Brodus Clay went on to win and receive another immunity point tying him for the lead with Johnny Curtis.

After another break they came back with the main event match up of Curtis and Clay. The two have had their trouble over the season and we finally get to see them fight it out, right? Well yes to a point, but it was never really stressed upon really. It was just a normal match that could have been a lot better using the back story.

Plus we had the pros taking away from the match by talking and trying to be comedians up on the stage. Anyways I digress, Clay went on to beat Curtis with a running power slam at least it wasn’t that awful tongue-n-death grip choke slam he had been using. He really needs a better finisher than that.

Another thing I saw about Brodus that I didn’t like was his tights. What’s up with putting that big sheeeeee sign on the front. It just makes his belly look bigger, if that’s possible. Don’t get me wrong I like Clay and think he should win NXT this season, but he won’t because of the immunity thing I talked about above.

Finally we come to the most intriguing part of the show. We find out who will be eliminated and who the final three will be, but wait there’s a tie for who gets immunity. Johnny Curtis and Brodus Clay both have three immunity points. How do they break the tie? By giving each 20 seconds to tell why they deserve immunity. Curtis’ reply is to say the Packers are great?

That takes a lot of intelligence my friend, being that the event is in Green Bay. Clay goes off on a rant about him being the who, what, when, where and why of NXT. And really all he had to say was I just beat him that’s why.

Anyway Curtis wins immunity basically because WWE wanted him to. Then they show us who is eliminated this week. Tick, tick, tick who is it? Bye, bye Byron Saxton or Brian if you ask Dolph Ziggler. Saxton’s pro doesn’t even know his name. How great is that?

So now there are only three rookies remaining. Who do you think will be the next to be eliminated? Who do you feel will win NXT Season 4? Comment below, I would like to see your thoughts on the subjects at hand. Thanks for the read. I hope you enjoyed until next time this is Ura Pendejo signing off.