Yankee Stadium: A History in Numbers

Nick JohnstonCorrespondent ISeptember 22, 2008

Yankee Stadium, as we've all heard over the past days, weeks, and months is closing for good. It's undeniably (even for a BoSox fan like me) one of the greatest ballparks in history. Here's a look at some of the numbers that helped shape a great stadium:


1: Billy Martin (’50-’57 + five-time manager)

$1.10: Cost of a ticket for first game at Yankee Stadium

3: Babe Ruth (’20-’34)

3: Perfect games (Don Larsen, David Wells, David Cone)

3: Home runs in three pitches by Reggie Jackson in 1977 World Series

3: Papal visits (Paul VI, John Paul II, Benedict XVI)

4: Lou Gehrig (’23-’39)

4: All-Star Games

4-1: First ever score at Yankee Stadium (victory over Red Sox on April 18, 1923)

5: Joe DiMaggio (’36-'51)

5: Monuments in Monument Park

7: Mickey Mantle (’51-’68)

7-3: Last ever score at Yankee Stadium (victory over Orioles on Sept. 21, 2008)

8: Yogi Berra (’46-’63)

8: Bill Dickey (’28-’46)

8: No-hitters pitched at Yankee Stadium

9: Roger Maris (’60-’66)

9: World Series sealed at Yankee Stadium by the Yankees

10: Phil Rizzuto (’41-’56)

10-3: Game Seven score at Yankee Stadium to complete the Red Sox comeback in 2004 ALCS

15: Thurman Munson ('69-'79)

16: Whitey Ford (’50-’67)

16: World Series clinched at Yankee Stadium

23: Don Mattingly (’82-’95)

29: Number of games at Yankee Stadium in DiMaggio’s 56-game hitting streak

30: Number of boxing title bouts at Yankee Stadium

32: Elston Howard (’55-’67)

37: Casey Stengel (Manager ’49-’60)

37: World Series played in part at Yankee Stadium

44: Reggie Jackson (’77-'81)

49: Ron Guidry (’75-’88)

60: Home runs by Babe Ruth in 1927 (a 34-year record)

85: Years the Stadium was open

100: World Series Games at Yankee Stadium

126: Number of games played at Yankee Stadium by Cal Ripken, Jr.

266: Home runs by Mickey Mantle at Yankee Stadium

276: Number of words in Lou Gehrig's famous farewell speech

413: Smallest attendance at Yankee Game

490: Original distance in feet to center field wall

6581: Regular season games

$15,000: Estimated amount paid by some to witness last game at Yankee Stadium

57545: Capacity at closing

58000: Initial capacity

61808: Number present for Lou Gehrig’s farewell speech

$2.5 million: Initial construction cost

$160 million: Cost of renovations in 1970s (paid for by City of New York)

$1.6 billion: Construction cost of New Yankee Stadium


I hope I haven't missed anything too obvious, but if I have feel free to let me know, or edit it in yourself. Let me know what you think...