Brett Favre and Dancing With The Stars: The Top NFL Stars In Show History

Austin SchindelAnalyst IIFebruary 9, 2011

Brett Favre and Dancing With The Stars: The Top NFL Stars In Show History

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    There have been rumors circulating that Brett Favre will be the next NFL player to appear on the ABC hit show "Dancing with the Stars". Throughout its 11 seasons, a multitude of athletes have appeared on the show to display their dance moves and compete for the crown.

    Favre is perfect for the show because he offers a freshly retired (we think) athlete with a big personality and a strong following.

    Hopefully the show's production team is not too big on commitments.

7. Lawrence Taylor

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    Taylor finished seventh in Season 8. After breaking Joe Theismann's leg, was anyone very confident that LT could move around without hurting someone half his size? I think it is a sheer miracle.

6. Kurt Warner

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    Kurt Warner finished in a controversial fifth in this year's competition. The retired Cardinals quarterback traded in football cleats for dancing shoes, and Larry Fitzgerald has not stopped crying since.

5. Chad Ochocinco

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    Finally, Ochocinco was able to dance without getting fined for it. In fact, his fourth place finish was quite impressive based on the quality of stars that finished ahead with him. I hope he learned some things that he can at least use in the endzone. 

4. Warren Sapp

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    Sapp was probably the most surprising second place finisher out of the NFL stars, because he played the least limber position during his career. Sapp was an imposing defensive lineman. He was not known for running around people, but over them.

3. Jason Taylor

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    Taylor also was able to amass a second place finish in season 6. Taylor most recently played for the Jets where he was reminded a few times of his modeling and dancing career as portrayed through "Hard Knocks". 

2. Jerry Rice

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    Jerry Rice: the best wide receiver in NFL history. Subsequently, he was also the second best dancer on the show's second season.

    Even though he produced a good showing, you know that Rice couldn't have been happy losing to a member of 98 Degrees.

1. Emmitt Smith

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    Smith was the winner of season three, despite not having the highest average score weekly. I guess he learned a thing or two from tip toeing through 300-pound linemen and avoiding crushing hits from linebackers. 

Brett Favre?

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    Imagine Favre on the show. We should have drama, tears, followed by questions whether he would leave the show or come back for another season the year after. He would retire and then remember how he always loved dance as a boy and needed to keep playing.

    When he dances, I'm sure he would throw his partner into crazy, unnecessary obstacles that would either pay off big time or result in an elimination. 

    Overall, he would be amusing to say the least and a great person to talk about...because we could always use a little more Brett Favre, right?