The Next 7 Homes Games Loom Large For The Mets!

Dominick DiFucciAnalyst ISeptember 22, 2008

Well the Mets have seven games to get in to the playoffs. They can  play well, keep the wild card lead (1.5 Games) they have and possible expand on it or they can fall short again and let the Mets fans go crazy on the last days of Shea.


They will be playing the Cubs for four games who just clinched the National League Central. The Cubs will be resting players to get themselves ready for battle in post season play. If does not mean they are going to necessarily going to lay down and let the Mets win the next four games. The Mets have to take advantage that they are home in front of their fans. They need to find it inside them to win 3 out of 4 to be safe...Mets are 0-2 vs Cubs this season..


The pesky Marlins come in again at the same time they did last year to play to foil the fun. This time it will be the last final three games at Shea Stadium. There will be a lot of fanfare and ceremonies, but the Mets have to take care of business. They would not want these three games to actually be the last.. The Marlins would love for it to be the last three games at Shea. These games will be fun to watch now that Cody Ross has some bad blood towards the Mets..

The Mets are 9-6 vs the Marlins this season..


It all falls in the hands of Jerry Manuel. This guy took a misguided, disgruntled team and lead them back to glory in the standings. He has had to work with rookies, veterans, injuries, and a terrible bullpen. I believe that the Mets would be better suited for him to comeback next year instead of replacing this guy. The Mets problems are that they need a better bullpen next year. He has proved that he can manage with a bad bullpen.... Can you imagine if the Mets actually had a reliable closer, setup man... I would not be talking like this ..........


Go Mets!! - Get Er Done!


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