This Offseason Couldn't Get Any Worse for Ex-Avalanche Coach Joel Quenneville

Andrew PargoffCorrespondent ISeptember 22, 2008

Being a die-hard Red Wings fan, I have been able to see a lot of Joel Quenneville, whether it be during his tenure as the head coach of the St. Louis Blues or the Colorado Avalanche.

Boy, has it been a rough summer for Quenneville. He was informed by the Avalanche that he would be replaced by Tony Granato as the team's head coach in early May. Also, it has come to be known that Quenneville had been arrested in the Denver suburb of Lone Tree on suspicion of driving under the influence. Police Sgt. Dan Seaman [hold your laughter] said that Quenneville's license was confiscated after he refused to take a chemical test.

Which just goes to show you what years of coaching St. Louis and Colorado can do to you. Or you could look at Patrick Roy, who puts hits out on players opposing his "hit man" or son or whatever you'd like to refer to him as.

The only good thing that has ever come out of Colorado was Ray Bourque winning a Stanley Cup. Besides that, absolutely nothing. Oh, I forgot about when they missed the playoffs two years ago. Haha, my fault.

But Quenneville still does have an impressive coaching record. His win-loss record stands at 438-283-77-41, which is well above .500%.

On a more serious note, never drink and drive. Quenneville had a legitimate excuse, he just got replaced by Tony Granato.