Georgia Bulldogs Looking Pretty, so Why All the Criticism?

Michael FosterFeatured ColumnistSeptember 22, 2008

The Georgia Bulldogs have received a lot of criticism the past few weeks and have fallen in the polls despite their undefeated record. This undefeated record features two home blowouts and two wins in hostile road environments.

Despite those facts, a lot of "experts" and pollsters who cover college football believe the Dawgs have "problems" all over the place. Stafford is "struggling," Knowshon doesn't look as "flashy," and the defense is getting "gashed."

The real problem here is these so called "experts" aren't used to having Georgia ranked No. 1. The usual poll looks something like USC, Ohio State, know the drill. But Georgia?

The Dawgs looked awesome at the end of last season, and fortunately for them the top layer of teams last season kept losing. That's how Georgia started No. 1 this year. It was because the pollsters had no other team to turn to.

So as this year began, and some of those teams who "fell off" last year started winning big, the pollsters immediately gave them the nod. USC (who lost to Stanford) and Oklahoma (who lost to WVU) quickly jumped back to their "usual" spots.

On top of this, critics have been nitpicking every mistake Georgia has made. If you read on their performance only, according to these football gurus, you would think they lost their past two games.

For all you style point suckers up there telling UGA they aren't as good, here are some stats that will make you eat your words. You claim the SEC is the best conference in football correct?

Well, Matthew Stafford is leading the SEC is passing with a 152.6 rating. Tebow has some ground to make up. Stafford has five touchdowns and ZERO interceptions. How about that for "struggling"! Oh, he also is passing for more yards a game than anyone in the SEC with 919 yards total.

Knowshon Moreno, despite his apparent drop in the Heisman race, has nine touchdowns in just four games! Add 455 yards rushing and a 6.6 YPC average to that.

We also have a receiver. A.J. Green leads the SEC in yards receiving, and he has only been the primary target in one game. Green has 16 catches for 300 yards and two touchdowns.

Our offense, the one that has been "flat," is averaging 450 yards a game.

Oh, and our defense allowed four yards rushing...on 19 carries vs. Arizona State this weekend! Georgia has the number one rush defense in the SEC to boot. The Sun Devils racked up 212 yards, as opposed to UGA's 461!!

Yet a 27-10 victory isn't pretty enough for the college football world.

So here's a message to all of the critics out there if you think we don't play "pretty." Remember we played vs. South Carolina's No. 1 ranked defense...and by the way, we won! We played in the scorching desert and crushed Arizona State.

And also, just for reference, the Dawgs are 4-0...I dunno if that means anything...