Notre Dame-Michigan State: Anger Sharks Are Swimming

IRISHsubway FANCorrespondent ISeptember 22, 2008



"SDSU sucks and Michigan (sucks!) sucks—look at what happened when you played a decent team." AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!

Javon Ringer: proof that if you play college football for six-plus years, you can get it right. Sour grapes—that kid can play.

On the offensive side of the ball, we did not play as poorly as our score shows. Turnovers, as in all games, were a huge factor. Michael Floyd's fumble on the 13-yard line during what looked like a scoring drive was a killer. However, he did score our only touchdown and he is a true frosh, so everyone in this country knows he is going to be phenomenal.

The interceptions were thrown at crucial times—although when is an interception not crucial? And as far as interceptions go, while they are not his fault, why are they ALWAYS thrown toward Duval Kamara? Coincidence? 

The offensive line did great. Three games and only three sacks—you can't ask for much more from a unit that is so young.

Defensively, no cause for complaints. These guys, for the most part, contained Ringer. You knew going into the game he was going to be a factor, but they stopped him as much as you could ask for. He didn't get his first touchdown until Sixth and Goal! (Again, sour grapes.)

What little passing game the Spartans do have was shut down to practically nothing, and Hoyer got the jersey dirty enough to make him uncomfortable. I would've liked to see a turnover or three and out later in the game, but they had put up a fight and were tiring out.

Special teams—why? Why does it seem like the University of Notre Dame refuses to find a kicker that can put the ball between the uprights? I can't stand it.

A missed field goal early was bad enough, but after a huge drive when you're down 10 results in zero points, any momentum you have created is handed back to the opposing team. The Spartans then took that momentum and gave it to Javon, and he ran for a 63-yarder, vanquishing all hope in the process.

That being said, these kids played well. Had they scored when they could've/should've, we probably could've put up a better fight. If a few things went differently, we may have even won.

Everyone who is calling for coaches' and players' heads is a terrible fan. You think Weis should go—funny, I think you should. Coach Weis is recruiting top-notch talent and producing top-notch players. Look at Jimmy Clausen last year compared to this year. That is under one year of Weis' tutelage, so he will only get better. Golden Tate, 'nuff said.

Remember, this team—almost this exact team—was 3-9 last year. As much as I said it, and a bunch more of us "Kool-Aid" drinkers preached it, we had to know that this young team was going to have more than the one loss.

It's called progress, and everyone knows—haters included—that the Fightin' Irish have showed a helluva lot of it.

Go Irish! Bartender, more Kool-Aid, please.