Joe Rogan, Anderson Silva Is Not the First One To Score a Front Kick Knock Out

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Joe Rogan, Anderson Silva Is Not the First One To Score a Front Kick Knock Out
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No knock on Joe Rogan or anything—his color commentary is entertaining and I wouldn't really want anyone else in the booth alongside Mike Goldberg to call UFC events.

That being said, he did make a mistake this past Saturday during the main event between Anderson Silva and Vitor Belfort for UFC 126.

When Silva landed the front kick that ultimately lead to his fellow Brazilian's loss of consciousness, Rogan exclaimed that he hadn't seen a knockout due to a front kick to the face in any type of contact martial arts.

Joe Rogan hadn't looked hard enough, it appears.

While surfing the web, I came across a video, which is found below. Not only has somebody been knocked out with a front kick to the face, the fighter in this video didn't need any follow-up punches to put the guy away.

Unlike Belfort, this fighter was out cold.

The fighter who landed the front kick is named Cory Tait. His record stands at 1-1 in small promotions and he has been fighting professionally for less than a year now. Cory Tait is an unknown guy who, for all we know, may never amount to anything in the world of mixed martial arts.

Honestly, one can't blame Joe Rogan for not having seen Tait's knockout. Before seeing this video, I didn't even know there was a promotion called Ultimate Challenge MMA. I guess I have to brush up on English MMA.

At 00:22 Cory Tait lands a devastating front kick.

Even though somebody has been knocked out by a front kick before UFC 126, it doesn't change the fact that two UFC fighters have landed what will probably go down as the most spectacular kicks in mixed martial arts history.

Before Anderson Silva landed that front kick, lightweight fighter Anthony Pettis landed a kick that appeared to be straight out of the sci-fi film "The Matrix" when he ran along the cage and pushed off to kick and knockdown Ben Henderson.

Are the kicks we saw landed by Corey Tait, Anthony Pettis and Anderson Silva a sign of things to come? All the aforementioned athletes landed these kicks between late 2010 and early 2011—it is just coincidence, or are we seeing a new era in MMA?

In any case, spectacular kicks are always a fan favorite, and that goes back to the days of Mirko Cro Cop in Pride FC or Cro Cop in the UFC, when he was on the receiving end for a change against UFC castaway Gabriel Gonzaga.

I'm not sure what it is about devastating head kicks, but it seems to put people in a frenzy—just ask Joe Rogan.

Maybe it is the fact that the average human being can throw a decent punch and they know they could do some damage with it. Throwing a high head kick with authority is really something highly-trained athletes can do, but the average human being can't.

Hopefully 2011 can continue to bring some highlight-reel finishes for the fans. 

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