Michael Vick Gets The Key To The City Of Dallas, What's Next? A Dog?

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Michael Vick Gets The Key To The City Of Dallas, What's Next? A Dog?
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For over the last 50 years, the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles have played 104 times, Dallas winning 59 of them, the Eagles 45. It has been one of, if not the NFL’s biggest rivalry of all time. Between the fans and the players, it’s everywhere. We’re talking about the guys that threw snow balls at Santa Claus. These sorts of things make a rivalry and it all starts with the fans.

Whether you’re walking down the street with an Eagles hoodie on and a Dallas fan yells something like “Hey Eagles suck!” Or if you’re wearing a Cowboys jersey at Lincoln Financial Field…God bless you. The point is they just don’t like each other. Even when their not playing each other you’ll still see them rooting for the opposing team that the Eagles or Cowboys are playing.

Remember 1989? “The Bounty Bowl” where head coach Buddy Ryan of the Eagles was accused by head coach of the Cowboys Jimmie Johnson for offering bounties to take out Cowboys players. Or in 1992 The Eagles beat the Cowboys 31-7 in their first matchup of the season. The Cowboys not only went onto win the next game, but they ended up beating the Eagles that year in the playoffs and went on to win the Super Bowl. Or one of the most shocking events in 1999, after being hit hard, Michael Irvin lay motionless and helpless on the field while Eagles fans were jumping up and down and cheering at the top of their lungs. That would be Irvin’s final play as an NFL player.

That’s the Eagles-Cowboys rivalry, but for some reason this year it hasn’t been the same and it’s sickening, ever since quarterback Mike Vick became the starter. Week 14, for the first time in the new Cowboys Stadium the Cowboys and the Eagles met. The Eagles won 30-27 and after the game some players shook hands, which is already bad enough, but Cowboys running back Tashard Choice asked Michael Vick for an autograph. An AUTOGRAPH?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! You just got beat by the Eagles in the first meeting in your new stadium and you ask the guy that just beat you for an AUTOGRAPH?! Oh yes he did. That’s like asking the guy who stole your girl and took her to prom to come over and hang out. It just doesn’t happen.

Go to 4:00 to see Vick get the key to the city.

Though when he was asked about it he said it was for his nephew. Oh alright then that’s fine then...NO! ABSOLUELTY NOT! I don’t care if it was for his son or the President of the United States. He should’ve went and told his nephew that he can’t have it! If his nephew wanted it so bad, then Choice could’ve given him the money to buy it off of ebay or something, though that makes me sick too.

Then fast forward to today. The Mayor of Dallas, Dwaine Caraway gives Michael Vick, you know the same guy that Choice asked for an autograph, the key to the city. Yes, the key to the city of Dallas, home of the Cowboys. IS HE SERIOUS?!  He said that “You deserve it,” to Michael Vick. How does he deserve it? He killed innocent dogs and beat the Cowboys as the Eagles quarterback. None of that seems “deserving” of being rewarded a key to the city of Dallas.

Then after Vick was rewarded the key to the city, the two men up next to Vick started making comments that were negative towards Romo, such as “We might have a quarterback homie,” and saying Tony Romo as they pointed to Vick.

Wow. I never thought that I would ever see this. An Eagles star quarterback getting the key of the city to Dallas. Wow. What are they going to give Vick next, a street name right next to Cowboys Stadium? Or are they going to change the name of the stadium to Michael Vick Stadium? Or change the logo of a star to a dog? Whatever you do Caraway just don't give him a dog, trust me on this one. Man I hope Dallas fans remember this around voting time. Bye bye Caraway.

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