Stick a Fork in the Browns

David-S SerdinakCorrespondent ISeptember 22, 2008

     Well, we had high hopes, didn't we. It's too early to do an autopsy but the season is dead.

     All the Browns can do now is play as well as they can and do positive things for the future. The organization had shown me that they're too quick to react to surprising success. After going 10-6, they gave Derek Anderson an expensive contract that I questioned then, and rue now. They gave an extension to Crennel that I never felt he earned. Then, and now, I feel their success had very little to do with the head coach.

     Now they have to guard against reacting too quickly to surprising failure. Make no quick decisions to placate the angry fans, of which I'm one. There's no reason to fire Crennel now. There's isn't any replacement other than an "interim". The front office should quietly decide that this is his last year and go about finding his replacement. Start tempting Cower, if possible.

     I also believe that we're going to see Quinn. Not because it'll be good for the Browns, or even Brady, but because Romeo must be seen as taking some sort of action. If you look at the schedule, you'll be forced to admit that there is no way to salvage any shot at the play-offs. We're 0-3 and 0-2 in the division with a killer schedule remaining.

     I'm a Brown's fan and will continue to be. I lived through Sipe's interception, "The Fumble", "The Drive", drafting Couch.........I'll live through this. I just ask that the Browns not compound this disappointment by reacting too quickly and thoughtlessly in the hopes of quieting the fans. I have no doubt the owners want to win as much as we want them to. Take a deep breath and stay loyal.