Win And We're In?

Alex PotterCorrespondent ISeptember 22, 2008

All Boston has to do is not pull a Willie Randolph from 2007 and maintain composure to insure a A.L. East crown and back to back division titles.

The Rays Are just 1.5 games ahead but with seven games left on the Boston schedule and eight games left on the Tampa Bay schedule the odds favor Boston to take the lead.

What if the Rays win seven out of eight?

Well that means we are looking at Los Angeles to start the playoffs and nobody wants that.With the continuing dominance from the Angels the fate of a Boston championship does not look good.

If The Sox win the division...

We are looking to stay at home for Chi-Town coming in barley winning the division. That race could still boil down to Minnesota winning in the next week.

Red Sox Nation needs to hope and pray for a division win, I know I will be.

-Alex Potter