Humble Pie Is Best Served Defensive Style

Alex PotterCorrespondent ISeptember 22, 2008

The worst Patriot game since 2006, as the Miami Dolphin win?It is true the Dolphins had absolutely annihilated us in a 38-13 loss in the "Ronnie Brown Show".

 A lot of wrong plays,calls and routes were called in favor of Miami Sunday.What happened to Bill Belichick?

There are some good things that came out of this beat down though:Matt Cassel continues to mimic Tom Brady because in Brady's second start he had also lost(let's hope that means good things to come).

Secondly Kevin O'Connel got a taste of what playing in the NFL is like (Let him build some composure that he would never get if Brady was'nt injured.

Finally we all had a big helping of humble pie.

The Patriots are averaging 103 yard per game which is only 21st in the league but that isn't bad who had two out of their three top backs injured and inactive.

Ronnie Brown was absolutely outstanding with five total touchdowns four rushing and one passing, Chad Pennington spent more time lined up as a slot receiver than he did a quarterback.

What does this mean?

Well hopefully coach Belichick will be able to make his undefeated superman team understand that it is average to lose at least 3 games in a season and still win a division.

What do we need to worry about?

The Buffalo Bills. This team is 3-0 and we don't play them until November 9th then late December which is to our advantage because they will more than likely fizzle out to their tough part of the schedule.