Is Bama Finally Back?

Tracy RobbinsContributor ISeptember 22, 2008

How much do we really know about this year's Alabama team?  The Crimson Tide is 4-0 on the year, but how good are they?  In three of those four games, they have looked very good, but just how good has the competition been?  That preseason top 10 ranking for Clemson looks like a mistake and this year's version of Arkansas is not very good, at least not yet.  So what are we to think of an Alabama team that pretty much had its way with both of them?  We should find out that answer Saturday night between the hedges in Athens, Ga.  The buzz around this team has begun.  Crimson Tide fans are hungry, starving as a matter of fact.  Is this finally the time it can be said that Bama's back and not have the team slip up and coast to another mediocre record?  A win on Saturday night against a top 3 Georgia team and there will be people booking rooms for Miami and the BCS Championship.  Can this Crimson Tide team go on the road for the second straight week and come away with a win?  If they can establish the run, there's no reason to believethey can't beat the Bulldogs.  The three games the Tide has had a healthy front five, they've ran at will and put up a lot of points.  If the defense can keep Knowshon Moreno in check, this could be a big night for the Crimson Tide faithful.  A win over another highly ranked opponent and a 5-0 start and the expectations in the state of Alabama go through the roof.  Good luck to Coach Saban trying to curb the enthusiasm if his boys take care of business this week.