Lewis Hamilton, Ron Dennis, Mclaren Have Their D-Day

Ryan WoodAnalyst ISeptember 22, 2008


It's Monday the 22nd, the day Lewis Hamilton, Ron Dennis, Martin Whitmarsh, and Mclaren fans have been waiting for. Appeal day has arrived!


Fifteen days ago, Formula 1 fans witnessed a fantastic race which ended with possibly the greatest last few laps I have ever witnessed. Spa Francorchamps lived up to its hype; it managed to offer a race of truly spectacular standards. 


However, all the excitement was to be overshadowed by a stewards investigation. The stewards, as we all know, penalized Mclaren and Lewis Hamilton, taking their win away and hindering their efforts for a championship.


We all have our own views on the penalty and its fairness; I don’t really want to dwell on this, but I know how I feel.


So, back to the appeal. Today, Mclaren will state their case against the FIA’s decision to hand Lewis a 25-second penalty after the race. Mclaren state they have sufficient evidence which will prove Lewis gained no advantage at all. Ferrari is unlikely to berepresented  at the hearing, but Lewis has decided to attend and offer his side of the story in the hope he can bolster Mclaren’s claim.


The likeliness Mclaren will succeed in overturning the penalty seems slim though.


The appeal may not be heard, due to rules stating that drive-through penalties (what the 25 second penalty amounted to) cannot be contested.


Plus, the FIA rarely overturn decisions, and have been known to increase the penalty if an appeal goes through.


So what has been said about the appeal? Ron Dennis said “We have to have faith in the system, and in the fairness of the FIA International Court of Appeal."


Lewis Hamilton has said "What happened, happened, and I'll move on whatever the result, and then I'll focus on getting more points in the next few races.

Damon Hill has said it would be a “travesty” if Mclaren didn’t win the appeal process, and  further said “the penalty should not be allowed to determine the outcome of the Championship.”

So, Mclaren have some support outside their team, but many of the drivers have said they support the penalty. It's very 50/50, which leads me onto what you guys think? 

If your going to comment please state whether you support Mclaren in their appeal process or not. (Support/Oppose)

The FIA will announce their decision on Tuesday.