Opinions: And then there was one...

Mordecai BrownerAnalyst IOctober 30, 2006
One, as in teams left the BCS is praying on.  The head honchos are kneeling to the football gods in hopes that the threeway in the Big East whittles itself to one undefeated team.  Even then, they'll still have to put up with gripes that that team didn't play a challenging schedule, and given what's happened already, there's a good shot a 1-loss Michigan/OSU/SEC Champ/Texas/Pac-10 Champ will be higher in the BCS rankings.  And then there's undefeated Boise State, who handily beat that Oregon State team that just beat USC.  I said it at the beginning of the season that years like this are why we need a playoff, and I'll say it again.

One, as in losses I predict the Bears to have at the end of the year.  Darn, they looked good in the first half yesterday.  When you're fans are booing when it's 41-3, you must be playing some good football, and have to live up to the expectations that go with them.

One,  as in the number of NBA coachces in Red Auerbach's class of excellence.  Scream all you want about anyone else, Auerbach is alone at the pinnacle, much like John Wooden in college basketball.  A loss for the baketball world should make us cherish the fact that Auerbach outlived his life expectancy by two decades at least and Wooden is smashing his at 96 (and in fairly good health from what I hear).

One, as in number of wins by Detroit, Arizona, and Miami in the NFL.  The Matt Millen story should be a lesson to sports franchies everywhere.  Hiring a guy with no possible reason to believe him to be a success is rather silly and stupid.  Isaiah Thomas, meet Matt Millen.  Matt Millen, meet Isaiah Thomas.
Among Matt Millen's many failures, I'd like to point out that he only hires coaches with last names that begin with "M," and they've all sucked.  5 years, 3 coaches, and maybe it isn't them but you, Matt.  How's that Charles Rogers pick working out for you?