NBA Trade Rumors: Carmelo Anthony to L.A. Lakers

Derek CrouseContributor IIIFebruary 8, 2011

Will the Lakers be the Heat of the Western Conference?
Will the Lakers be the Heat of the Western Conference?Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

In a report from ESPN's Chris Broussard, the Lakers are looking into a trade for Denver Nuggets forward Carmelo Anthony. The New York Knicks have been at the forefront in the race for Anthony, but now the Lakers are looking to pick up another superstar to add to their arsenal. This could prove that the Lakers are willing to trade Andrew Bynum or maybe Ron Artest.

While this trade talk is in its infancy for the Lakers from a fan's standpoint, how long have Lakers' management been thinking about this deal? Many experts feel that Bynum is a liability because of his reputation for injury and Ron Artest has not been what the Lakers expected him to be this season on both ends of the floor.

Anthony can be an offensive stud, but his defense and lack of assists might mess up the Los Angeles Lakers' chemistry. On a team where Kobe Bryant is the undisputed scorer, how will Anthony fit into the triangle offense?

If Anthony does go to the Lakers, the Western Conference playoffs will most likely go through Los Angeles.

It has been rumored that Anthony would go to the New York Knicks, New Jersey Nets and Chicago Bulls. The Lakers have not been on the radar because their team already set for a long playoff run. Mitch Kupchak has recently said that changes might take place and this would be certainly be a colossal change.

The Lakers would be the Western Conference's version of the Miami Heat, but with more depth and better coaching.

Could we see the Lakers and the Heat in the Finals?

The Celtics and the Spurs will have a few words to say about that...