A new article idea for Bleacher writers: Three things I dislike about my club

Jamie WardSenior Analyst ISeptember 21, 2008

After reading many articles on Bleacher lately about things supporters love about their own clubs or things they hate about other clubs, i thought i would try a different angle on the subject.

I'm going to get writers to ask themselves what they don't like about their own clubs.

I'm going to suggest it to be three negatives that they can highlight, although people are welcome to write as much about the subject as they like.

Im hoping it might provide a little more insight in to whats happening at clubs other than our own and give rival supporters an idea of subjects we all may be able to relate to.

I'm not looking for subjects that are common place in most football clubs, like the minority of supporters who show an immaturity with subjects such as major disasters like the Munich air disaster or the stabbings of Leeds supporters in Turkey.

I'm hoping to hear about negatives that are not necessarily well known by supporters outside of the respective club and things that wouldn't normally get media attention.

You wont have to send me the articles when you have completed them, just comment on this article and leave a link for people to visit your work.

Thanks to all participants in advance and i hope its something you all enjoy.