Kirk "The Homer" Herbstreit Coming Up Short

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Now that Ohio State was manhandled by LSU for their ninth loss to an SEC team in a bowl,what have we learned? We have learned that Ohio State should not have been in the national championship game and also that Herbie "The Homer" is a joke.

I am referring to the ultimate homer, Kirk "The Homer" Herbstreit. Does anyone really believe what this guy says? Remember Herbie's "scoop" when he so gleefully reported thst Les Miles was going to Michigan. The only problem was that Les nor Michigan knew that. This guy should be doing stand-up comedy instead of supposedly being an "analyst" for ESPN. This guy wouldn't know objectivity if it hit him square between the eyes.

In Herbie's world. there are only four teams worth discussing- Ohio State, USC, Florida, and Oklahoma. The rest are just the dregs of the college football world. Here's a news flash Herbie. Three of your teams lost in bowl games. This is the Kirk Herbstreit that consistently when asked by other ESPN hosts if Ohio State should be in the national championship game, he always answered an emphatic yes. And he never disclosed the fact that he "played"at Ohio State. You would think that the ESPN hosts would have brought that up. Not all casual viewers of ESPN and Herbie know that he is an Ohio State homer.

ESPN should kick Herbie to the curb or at the very least change his title from "analyst" to "Shill for Ohio State ".

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