Derrick Rose Dunk Video: Watch D Rose Rock the Rim Against the Blazers

Thomas CopainCorrespondent IFebruary 8, 2011

Derrick Rose is one of the premier players in the league. In an NBA dominated by guards, especially by elite-level point guards, Rose still manages to stand out from the rest by what he's able to do.

Some of that was on display last night in Portland, as Rose had another phenomenal game (36 points, six assists), albeit in a 109-103 Bulls loss to the Blazers. The highlight of that effort is this fantastic dunk in the fourth quarter.

I don't know what was most intriguing about this dunk so I'll start with the move he makes. If you listened to the clip with the sound on, you heard the announcers talking about the Blazers trying to force Rose to his left and overplaying him. Obviously he proves them wrong with a nice crossover that freezes the entire defense.

What's more impressive: Rose throwing it down with a phenomenal finish or the lane to the hoop being less congested than Midtown Manhattan at rush hour? Seriously, I've never seen someone have that little resistance driving to the hoop before. And that was before he threw it down.

Obviously we love seeing plays like this and you expect to see them every night from players like Rose. But when you see something like this, does it make you think of Rose as the best point guard in the game? 

It's a tough question because as I mentioned before, there are so many good ones in the league right now—Chris Paul, Deron Williams, Rajon Rondo, Steve Nash, Tyreke Evans. You can make the argument that at least four of them could be considered the best point guard in the game, noting that Evans is more of a scoring guard then a true point.

But I don't know, I see stuff like this from Rose and it's hard to not put him in the conversation. He might be the most exciting of those point guards, but is he the best? 

Time will only tell, but he's definitely in the discussion.