Fantasy Football: Worst Week Ever

Kyle JensenContributor ISeptember 21, 2008

Maybe it's just my league.  But, this week was somewhat unusual for the world of fantasy football.  First of all (and it is only Week 3), of the top 5 teams in our league (Junior-Varsity Blues), four of us are on the verge of losing going into Monday Night (to the bottom teams).

Let's go to the first place team in our league.

Slatering the Max (Saved By The Bell reference for those born after 1994).  This team also has the most points out of all teams in the league, but going into Monday Night, has 23 points.  His opponent (El Presidente, ranked 8th out of the 10 teams in our league) has 74 points.

My team (When In Romo) is in second place.  I am matched up against the 10th ranked team in the league.  So, do the math, he's in last place.  My team has 65 points against his 82 points.  Basically, his team is full of guys that were great for fantasy about three years ago, but are now just late-rounders in most drafts.

Slatering the Max has Donovan McNabb, Brian Westbrook and the New England Defense.  He hasn't really had to do much with his line-up, because it was obviously working.  But, you can't expect McNabb and Westbrook to both have huge games every week.  But who would have thought Ronnie Brown would have done everything but kick a field goal for the Dolphins and make New England's defense look absolutely foolish.

I took a couple gambles.  I have the Packer defense, Ryan Grant, and Mason Crosby.  I can assure you that I did not pick them on purpose during the draft (I am a Packer fan, though for our drinking game during the draft, we had to chug the rest of our beer for picking a guy from our favorite team). 

I also have Tony Romo and Eli Manning.  For loyalty purposes (to the Packers), and actual fantasy purposes, I started Eli over Romo.  Yes, Romo is a guaranteed starter, but Eli is a match-up starter.  So, in my defense, Eli was against the Bengals whereas Romo had the Packers.  That decision did pay off somewhat as Eli did score more points than Romo.

Earlier in the week, I picked up Koren Robinson (Mr. DUI) for the Seahawks.  After Sunday, I realized just a little bit of pain that not only Seahawks fans are going through, but of all sports in Seattle.  I started Robinson over T.J. Who'sYourMomma.  I actually did not think that Houshmenzadeh was going to score 20 points against the Giants (see previous 2 weeks for Bengals).  Robinson on the other hand, ended up being a game time decision, and after figuring it out while I was at work on Sunday, I could not change it. 

Basically, I need Vincent Jackson to score 18 points on the Monday Night game against the Jets.

My roommate started Matt Cassell over Carson Palmer, I think we know how he fared in that sense. 

Again, maybe it's just our league, but there could be the possibility that a good amount of other leagues also had a lot of Week 3 busts.