Will Cinderella Strike Twice? Boise State Looks to Recapture 2006 Magic

Micah GreenCorrespondent ISeptember 21, 2008

Boise State won the hearts of nearly every college football fan in America (excluding Sooner fans) when they went 13-0 in 2006.  Ian Johnson led the nation with 25 touchdowns.  It was Heaven on Earth for Bronco fans.

Can they do it again?

This last week Boise State beat No. 12 Oregon.  Many people, including myself, thought the Ducks would beat
BSU by at least three scores. Instead, the Broncos were up 37-13 at the end of three.

After this dominant performance, new questions have arisen.  Was it a fluke?  Can Boise State go undefeated and therefore back to a BCS bowl?  Statistically, they can do it.

Kellen Moore, a freshman quarterback who came out of nowhere, has dominated offensively so far this year.  He has 840 yards and five touchdowns with only one interception.  If he were to keep this pace he would finish the year with 3,640 yards, while having 21 touchdowns and only four interceptions.

His receiving corps is a very talented one, led by the trio of Jeremy
Childs (nine catches for 179 yards), Titus Young (eight catches for 156 yards and one TD), and Vinny Perretta (seven catches for 123 yards and one TD).  Ian Johnson, the workhorse of the team, has 224 yards and four touchdowns while averaging an impressive 4.9 yards per carry.

On the other side of the ball, this defense is yet to show who they are. They have allowed 682 yards through the air and four touchdowns. On the ground they have allowed only 256 yards and three touchdowns.

This team looks as strong as—dare I say it—the 2006 team did at the start of the season. While Jared
Zabransky was a good quarterback, he did not have the dominant stats that Kellen Moore has.  Chris Petersen is a genius and a class act of a coach, as we all saw in the Fiesta Bowl.

The Broncos have all the tools for a great team.  They do not turn the ball over, they have a decent defense, a good offense, talent, toughness, experience, etc.  The list could go on even longer.  Also, a very manageable schedule will help them get to where they want to be: a BCS bowl game.

Two years ago, no one said they could do it.  Last week against Oregon, no one said they could do it (with the exception of Bronco nation).  I say it is about time Boise State got some respect from everyone.  Boise State has as many tools as they did two years ago and then some.

They have surprised us again and again.

Perhaps with a little Bronco magic, they could do it again.