The Sexiest Fan Tattoos

Nathaniel UyFeatured ColumnistFebruary 9, 2011

The Sexiest Fan Tattoos

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    As much as we love watching sports live, watching hot women among the crowd can be just as entertaining.

    In fact, sometimes it can be a very pleasant distraction from what's going on in games that are just plain boring.

    Sometimes what draws our attention are those sexy tattoos inked on certain areas that are just plain sexy.

    With that inspiration in mind, here are the sexiest fan tattoos around.

New York Fan

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    From the "NY" artwork to the belt with low-rise jeans and a G-string peeking out. 

    This New York fan is doing sexy on multiple levels.

Dodgers Fan

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    Aww. She loves the Dodgers. 

    No wonder it's so close to her heart.

Raiders Fan

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    Don't let the bright green shirt and light blue jeans fool you.

    This lady loves Raiders black. She's even got a matching bra to prove it.

Raiders Fan

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    She's not just a Raider fan, she's a branded Raiderrette.

    And she's showing us plenty of skin to prove it.

Fleur De Lis

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    A ha! The fleur de lis.

    Tattoo shops must have been busy branding their customers with this logo after Super Bowl XLIV.

Steelers Back Tattoo

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    Guys, please don't get any ideas.

    Only girls look sexy when they have team logos on their lower back.

Steelers Over-the-Shoulder Tattoo

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    A Steelers logo over the shoulder works, too.

    But what makes this even sexier is the fact that she took off her shirt and bra to show us.

White Sox

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    This gal's got Sox with an "O" written all over her thigh. 

    Don't get any ideas now.

Chicago Cubs Bride

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    That guy marrying this blushing bride is a very lucky man.

    Any girl that's got enough team pride to show off her team logo tattoo on her wedding day is a very hot and sexy woman.

Detroit Butt Tattoo

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    It takes confidence to go out in public dressed like this.

    Wearing a thong, a garter and a tattoo.

New York Feet

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    There are guys that love breasts, men that dig butts and some that love legs.

    And there are also ones that go for the feet.

    Call this one a Rex Ryan-inspired pro-New York tattoo.

Giants Feet Tattoo

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    Here's another one for you, Rexy.

    Too bad she roots for New York's other football team.

World Cup Tattoos

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    Don't you miss the World Cup?

    Lots of hot women with fake and real tattoos all over the place.

World Cup Tattoo

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    The good thing about these tattoos is that she may need a hand later to help rub them off.

Great-Looking Pair

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    They must have given each other a hand to put those temporary team colors on one another.

    It's always refreshing to see two cute women drawing on one another.

    Too bad we missed that part.

German Pride

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    Beer. Boobs. Plenty of German pride.

    You're probably thinking: "Those tats aren't real!" 

    Well, they look pretty real to me.

AC Milan Tattoo

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    I dare you to ask her if that's real or not.

Redskins Pride

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    The Redskins may have had a poor season but the ownership's got a lot of money and there are still a lot of supporters around.

    Like her.

FSU Cowgirls

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    Where's the ink?

    Check out the tall one on the right.

    Go Seminoles!

Alyssa Milano

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    Meet Alyssa Milano, an ultimate baseball fan.

    She's got plenty of tats all over her body and is arguably one of the hottest women around. Back in her single days she's been known to rein in a baseball player or two.

    Don't you wish you could throw a baseball over 95 mph so she could show you all her tattoos?