Cowboys-Packers: The Clash Of The NFC Titans

Stephen NowlinContributor ISeptember 21, 2008

With an unpredictable season under way and all of last seasons top teams having a less than impressive start the Cowboys and Packers have given us a little hope. Both teams having made it last year until their match up against the Super Bowl Champion Giants are at least keeping their momentum up at the start of this season. 

Coming into game three with both teams with a record of 2-0 and Dallas never having a win in the magical Lambeau field tonight's match-up was sure to be worth the hype. With the Cowboys bringing a more experienced and well rounded team, can the Packers hold off Romo and the Cowboys offense? 

With a slow first quarter to start the night off, both teams only allowing one FG each.It seemed to be a great defensive game or so we thought. With only a 3-3 score that was accompanied by a 67-yard Dallas drive and a Green Bay with a 56-yard drive. We could only hope the excitement would pick up in the following quarters. 

The following was filled with much of the same with only a 60-yard TD run by Cowboys Felix Jones to make the game exciting. I got to admit that during half time I was praying that something would happen that would send my blood pressure through the roof. At this point in the game I got to admit I actually checked out the Emmy's. 

Third quarter starting off to another slow start. I guess I was just a little spoiled after the Monday Night Football game that was probably one of the most exciting games I have seen in quite a while.

With a great 63-yard pass to a wide open (little known) M. Austin from Romo getting the Cowboys down to in the red zone.  We also saw another TD run this time  by M. Barber late in the quarter which basically ended the third quarter. 

Fourth quarter has to be the one I can feel it. Sure the Pack is down 20-9 but I know something good will come from Rodgers to spring a great comeback like he did against the Lions. Well, once again I was wrong.

However we do see another impressive play by Dallas' own M. Austin with a 52-yard TD reception for the Cowboy's final TD. Sure Rodgers some how has a more impressive passing game that Romo. Rodgers hitting 290 total passing yards with a pass completion rate of 22 for 39 compared to Romo's 260 total passing yards and a completion rate of 17/30. 

All in all this was quite a slow game. Only showcasing the Cowboy's ability to have both an impressive passing and running game. With Dallas being able to take their first ever win at Lambeau field and hold Rodgers and the Packers to a 27-16 victory may have been the preview of our next NFC champions and possible Super Bowl 43 Champ's. Still early in the season and Dallas with a more difficult division to face it is still anyone's game. 

With Dallas taking their 3-0 season back home to face the 2-1 Washington Redskins which is yet another rival match. While Green Bay now falling to a 2-1 record is heading to face the 2-1 Tampa Bay Buccaneers to see if the can recapture their winning streak.

Lets just all take this week to pray that we can have more excitement next week, even though having New England lose to Miami was kinda fun.