New York Giants v. Dallas Cowboys: Repeat or Revision?

Colin JohnsonContributor IJanuary 8, 2008

Is this week just going to be the same thing that we have seen throughout the season series of the Giants and the Cowboys? I don't think so! With the streaking hot Giants and the slumping Cowboys, there may be some of that good old upset smell in the air this week.

The Dallas Cowboys haven't exactly been "hot" the last few weeks. With an injury to Tony Romo's hand and Terrell Owens having an injury himself, the Cowboys are going to have to have some of their other players really stepping up this week against the Giants. The Giants defense is looking forward to an injury filled lineup of Dallas Cowboys, and he last thing you want is Michael Strahan and Osi Uminyoura knowing of your weaknesses.

The most important factor of this weekend's game will without a doubt be the offecnce's of both of these teams. If Eli Manning can continue to be consistant like he has the past few weeks, he will be able to defeat the Dallas defense. But don't let Tony Romo slip your mind. Don't forget that he has has an extra week off to rest that hand, which may give him more accuracy throwing the ball.

The New York offense will have to maintain its consistancy that it has had the last couple of weeks. The most important key to that consistancy is their Wide Recievers. Plaxico Burress, Amani Toomer, and rookie Steve Smith will have to be on their "A" game. The Giants offense will have to keep their passing game ahead of the Cowboys in case of their running game getting started late.

This week, there may be a different team playing in the NFC Championship than you think. The Giants have a great oppritunity to upset the Cowboys with some Cowboy key players having a couple of obstacles in the way. Though, there is one thing for certain, the Giants fans are sure hoping Jessica Simpson stops in for a visit!