Final Day at The Cathedral: My Personal Thoughts

Mike BedgoodContributor ISeptember 21, 2008

As I sit here and watch ESPN's coverage of the last game at Yankee Stadium, a flood of emotions are coming to me. I have grown up a Yankee fan living in the South all my life, but have followed them as best as I could through FOX, ESPN, YES Network and the Internet.

I have only been to Yankee Stadium once, with it being the last Red Sox game on August 28 of this year. When ground was broke on the new stadium, I told my wife that we were going this year sometime and it just worked out to be that specific game, Yankees won 3-2 on a Giambi single against Papelbon.

I was able to get seats on the third base side a section from the foul pole on the second row from the field, pretty good seats. But when I walked through the portal, it was an awesome sight, it was huge. Television, as usual, does not do a place like this justice.

We arrived early enough to walk around and see "stuff", took alot of pictures, checked out the team store and just sat in the seats and looked around, took it all in. It is something special to hear the National Anthem at Yankee Stadium post 9-11. Moose started, watched the Roll Call, Giambi hit a home run, Ronin Tynin sang God Bless America, Rivera entered to Sandman, Giambi drove in the winning run against Papelbon and Sinatra sang New York, New York.

The Cathedral is much more than a baseball stadium, and as everybody knows it has hosted concerts, boxing matches, college and pro football games and The Pope. It is also a community, people celebrate their birthdays, anniversaries and get engaged there.

In seeing all the playbacks of Ruth, Gehrig, Mantle, Jeter, Dimaggio, Clemens, etc. I also think of Tino Martinez, Don Mattingly, Paul O'Neal, etc. All of my memories were through the tv, so I always had the best seats and best views, and that was just the baseball events.

I hope to remember the trip to Old Yankee Stadium until I die, the experience was great. My wife and I both have always heard how rude the people of New York were, but that is the farthest from the truth. Everybody all over the city was great, from Yankee Stadium to Battery Park.

This is just my experience and thoughts of Yankee Stadium. Next year I will have to go to the New Yankee Stadium.