O'Sullivan Continues to Impress

Glenn Franco SimmonsAnalyst ISeptember 21, 2008

If his solid performance and 123.3 quarterback rating on Sunday are indicative of what J.T. O’Sullivan is capable of doing, this kid from Burbank may well be on his way to proving his naysayers wrong.

Granted, San Francisco’s 31-13 victory on Sunday was against the lowly Detroit Lions, but O’Sullivan is progressing each week. That’s a necessity since his competition will become increasingly tough as he faces good teams that include New Orleans, New England, Philadelphia, New York Giants, Dallas and Buffalo.

After what I’ve seen from O’Sullivan, however, I don’t think he’ll be intimidated by those teams. The man is on a mission and his stats prove it.

On Sunday, O’Sullivan went for 16-23 and nearly had another completion percentage of 70 percent with 69.6. Not bad for a relative unknown.

With 189 yards passing Sunday, O’Sullivan has passed for 705 yards in three games and tallied a three-game passer rating of 104.6.

After Monday’s game, we’ll see where O’Sullivan stacks up against other quarterbacks in the league, but before Sunday’s game, his 96.3 passer rating was good enough for 12th in the NFL.

O’Sullivan brings a refreshing man-on-a-mission, chip-on-his-shoulder, “I’m-going-to-prove-you-wrong” attitude because he was overlooked by NFL coaches until ’Niner offensive coordinator Mike Martz discovered him in Detroit.

If Detroit’s Jon Kitna wasn’t engaging in pre-game hyperbole when he lavished praise on O’Sullivan last week, then the new ’Niner quarterback may be another one of Martz’s amazing discoveries.

Although it’s only September, at least O’Sullivan has given San Francisco fans some hope. That's good news for 'Niner fans, since our franchise is owned and managed by a dysfunctional family led circus that had the audacity to ignore the advice of legendary 49er Coach Bill Walsh.