Is Scott Linehan The Real Problem For The Rams Horrible Play?

Joey ColemanContributor ISeptember 21, 2008

After three straight losses of lob sided margins for the St. Louis Rams.  You start to ask yourself can a coach really do that much to a teams play?  Then you start to look at recent draft picks and recent personnel moves by the St. Louis Rams and you can't be all the blame on Scott Linehan

Now don't get me wrong; i don't think Scott Linehan is deserving of a head coach job in the NFL right now.  He though, is not the real Rams problem it lies much deeper in the Rams management. 

Starting at the owner after the recent tragedy with Georgia Frontiere.  Chip Rosenbloom Jr. has taken over the Rams and from the very beginning has said he will not change much until he has time to evaluate the teams play.  Evaluation should be done by now after being the worst ranked team in both offense and defense.  

Things need to change and more then just the coach.  They need to give some serious thought to gutting the whole personnel management.   Who is the last Rams 1st round pick who has actually made a real difference in the team?  You have to go back all the way to 2004 with Steven Jackson.  Granted Chris Long or Adam Carriker haven't had much time to show what they can do. 

If the Rams want to think about winning for years to come and gaining some fan support.  It will take more then just firing Scott Linehan and making some line-up changes.  If they don't do something quickly though they could lose all the fan support they have left.