UFC 126: Anderson Silva Flashy and Jon Jones in Control

Nathan KellyContributor IFebruary 7, 2011

It wouldn't be an Anderson Silva fight without an incredible finish. Whether it's pulling a last second guillotine or front kicking Belfort in the face, Silva continues to excite crowds and dominate his competition.

Jon Jones didn't look too shabby, either. In two rounds of pure control, Jones handled all of Bader's takedowns with ease and wore him out until the final tap.

As of right now, it looks like Silva can't be stopped.

He's reaching the prime of his career and is on another level than everyone he fights. He can't exactly do anything better than he's doing right now, so he continues to add to his wins and show off his flashy, showboating fighting style.

Jon Jones, on the other hand, has nowhere to go but up. His name is growing fast. So fast that he could be looking at a shot at the title after his performance Saturday night.

Bader, like Jones, is a rising star, and the two fighters were thought to be at about the same skill level, but Jones canned that thought. Jones controlled the fight from start to finish. He even absorbed a pretty hard blow from Bader's heavy fist, but continued the fight without even acknowledging he was hit.

He may not get his shot at the title yet, but Jones is fighting like a mad man lately. If he doesn't fight for it next, he'll soon get an opportunity for it.

In a perfect world, one of these fighters would either go up or come down a weight class and we could watch these two fight. They have very similar body types and are both flashy, technical fighters. It's easy to pick Silva if that fight were to happen, but in a few years, we may be looking at Jon Jones as the next Anderson Silva.

Regardless of whether they will ever fight, both fighters are making Dana White and any fan of UFC happily entertained.