Dolphins upset Pats Perfection with a 38-13 Victory

Matt AmlingContributor ISeptember 21, 2008

Well if you would have told me the Dolphins would beat the Patriots 38-13 I would have called you an idiot, but that's what the, now (1-2) Miami Dolphins did today in upsetting the New England Patriots and ending their 21 game regular season game winning streak. The Dolphins set the tone earlier by 2 Ronnie Brown rushing T.D's which were followed by a Ronnie Brown passing T.D. From that point on in the game the Dolphins did not look back running the ball down the throat of the Patriots defense. Chad Pennington ended the day going 17/20 with 224 yards passing, while the player of the game, Ronnie Brown ran for 113 yards, 4 rushing T.D's, and one passing T.D, to set a Miami Dolphins rushing touchdown record. The Dolphins will use this great momentum into next week while the Patriots have a long bye week to think about what just transpired up at Gillette Stadium this afternoon. The Miami Dolphins do not seem ready to be a playoff contender yet at this stage, but the commanding win against the Patriots serve as great improvement for a team that can only look up from last years record of (1-15).