Greg Biffle Goes Back-To-Back, Wins @ Dover

Matt MercerCorrespondent ISeptember 21, 2008

I hope you didn't listen to me after Loudon last week.

Today's race was incredible. Specifically, watching three teammates, Greg Biffle, Matt Kenseth, and Carl Edwards, battle and trade the lead multiple times in the final two runs of the race was special to watch.

To start, after some brazen pit strategy, Jimmie Johnson ended up leading Edwards and Biffle. Soon, though, Edwards was looking inside when Biffle shot to the outside and passed them both. It wouldn't be long before Edwards would re-take the lead, with Kenseth and Mark Martin lurking.

Biffle had thought he had a flat tire, but it turned out that he had burned it up racing so hard so early. Consider this a lesson to be learned. Sure enough caution came out, and the debate was two tires or four tires. Edwards wanted four, he got two. Everyone else got four.

On the restart, Edwards would hold off Kenseth for a while, but it got really, really exciting after that. Kenseth closed in along with Biffle and the three cars battled until Kenseth took the lead with Biffle on his tail in second. Edwards would fade to third.

Biffle stayed right on Kenseth in the ensuing laps, looking under him and sending an occasional tap to his rear bumper. As they escalated their racing, Edwards came back out of nowhere, briefly passing Biffle and looking at Kenseth's inside. That turned out to be a blessing for Biffle, who took the high lane and retook Edwards, then also made the pass on Kenseth and pulled away.

Game over. Biffle raced to his second win of the year, a back-to-back effort in the first two Chase races.

Biffle's peaking exactly when he needs to do so. This run reminds me of Kurt Busch's 2004 Chase. Busch didn't make the most noise in the first 26 races of 2004, but was the best when it mattered. Biffle could be on a similar path.